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NBA Mock Draft: San Antonio Spurs Select Lucas Nogueira From Brazil

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making or trading their "team's" pick. We continue with the twenty-eighth pick in the 2013 NBA Mock Draft with Pounding the Rock selecting Lucas Nogueira from Brazil.

NBA Mock Draft Pick #28 -- Lucas Nogueira, Center, Brazil

SB Nation's Spurs blog Pounding the Rock explains the pick:

With the 28th pick of the 2013 draft, the San Antonio Spurs will select Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira. Nogueira stands at 6'11, has a 7'5 wingspan, and blocks shots without fouling. While his offensive game is unpolished, he's an excellent pick and roll scorer, and thanks to excellent shot selection (dunks) shoots 66% from the floor. He averages 3.3 blocks per 40 minutes. Basically, blocks, dunks, rebounds, and rebounds. He's Nerlens Noel, and we got him at 28!

We anticipate it will be two or three years before he comes to the NBA, "coincidentally" at the time of Tim Duncan's likely retirement. While it is impossible to replace the GOATPUFF, we think Bebe will be a perfect fit in the Tony Parker/Kawhi Leonard era of fast paced motion basketball that will inevitably be dubbed "death by 1000 cuts". Waiting to bring him to the league should give him time to pack a few extra pounds on his frame. While he'll never be a Shaq sized behemoth, I'm hoping that by the time he's 23 he'll outweigh Kevin Durant. Or hopefully at least match Boris Diaw's listed weight of 235.

SB Nation Scouting Report: Lucas Nogueira

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Updated 2013 NBA Mock Draft Board:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: NERLENS NOEL
2. Orlando Magic BEN MCLEMORE
3. Washington Wizards OTTO PORTER
4. Charlotte Hornets ALEX LEN
5. Phoenix Suns VICTOR OLADIPO
6. New Orleans Pelicans TREY BURKE
7. Sacramento Kings ANTHONY BENNETT (for Philly)
8. Detroit Pistons C.J. MCCOLLUM
9. Minnesota Timberwolves KENTAVIOUS CALDWELL-POPE
10. Portland Trail Blazers RUDY GOBERT (For Phoenix)
11. Philadelphia 76ers MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS (For Sacramento)
12. Oklahoma City Thunder CODY ZELLER
13. Dallas Mavericks SHABAZZ MUHAMMAD
15. Milwaukee Bucks SHANE LARKIN
16. Boston Celtics GORGUI DIENG
18. Atlanta Hawks MASON PLUMLEE
19. Cleveland Cavaliers SERGEY KARASEV
20. Chicago Bulls (for Phoenix) JAMAAL FRANKLIN
21. Utah Jazz KELLY OLYNYK
22. Brooklyn Nets (for Orlando) ERICK GREEN
23. Indiana Pacers REGGIE BULLOCK
24. New York Knicks ALLEN CRABBE
25. Los Angeles Clippers (For Sacramento) MIKE MUSCALA
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (for Utah) STEVEN ADAMS
27. Denver Nuggets NATE WOLTERS
28. San Antonio Spurs LUCAS NOGUEIRA
29. Oklahoma City Thunder
30. Phoenix Suns