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Update: Source Says Most Aspiring NBA Athletes Play For Free in Las Vegas

A source tells that most aspiring NBA players going through the motions in Las Vegas Summer League do so for free.


Earlier today, pondered the varied paths of aspiring NBA athletes playing in Las Vegas Summer League, and how the grind of essentially going through the tryout circuit affects them financially.

Now, we can report that a source asserts that most players actually play in Las Vegas for free. Given that the session only spans a week and a half, it's not the most shocking thing. The lower NBA D-League salaries would also suggest that the pay the select few players actually do receive is not much to speak of anyway.

Still, it's an interesting thing to note. The chance to be seen by executives from all 30 NBA teams (and international ones, too) is seemingly a decent enough opportunity to take a risk on. What else would such players be doing to actually earn money during the offseason at this point? More players stay stateside and continue working out, rather than going overseas to play international ball during the summer.

Of course, as mentioned previously, flight and hotel accommodations are made and paid for by the team that invites a player out to Vegas.