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Dami Sapara Entering 2013 NBA D-League Draft

As we near the NBA season, a bevy of aspiring big league athletes are preparing to enter the 2013 NBA D-League Draft later this fall, in hopes of embarking on their own journey to The Association. Dami Sapara is one of the many hopefuls.

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Having participated in a pre-draft workout with the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA D-League's national tryout earlier this summer, Dami Sapara has peaked enough curiosity to earn himself a contract for this coming fall's NBADL Draft.

A Staten Island, New York native, Sapara is a ridiculously athletic specimen. He's quick, agile, quite bouncy, and tremendously explosive around the rim. For a swingman his size, the NAIA College of The Ozarks alum also has a very good handle and can control the ball well in the open floor.

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All of Sapara's skill screams "potential" and "promise," a bit more so than "refinement" at this point. He could use a bit of time to adjust to and hone his skills on the professional level. The D-League will be able to help him do that. Still, prospects as athletic, high-flying, and/or explosive aren't exactly a dime a dozen. Sapara is someone NBA executives will want to keep an eye on. His forthcoming progression is well worth considering, as he may arguably have the most upside out of any young gun set to enter November's draft.

More NBA workouts are on the horizon for Sapara, a source tells Though he's entered the NBADL Draft, it's still well worth strutting his stuff in front of big league personnel. Showing them what's got (and/or how close he could possibly be) would certainly entice such executives to look to secure the swingman for their own respective D-League affiliate.