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Source: Former SWAC Player Grady Green Hopes To Be Selected In NBA D-League Draft

Former SWAC athlete Grady Green, a participant in a recent Texas Legends' tryout, hopes to be selected in next month's D-League Draft, a source tells

Grady Green

Tis the season for another NBA D-League campaign to begin. In just over two weeks, the 2014 NBA D-League Draft will take place. From there on out, it'll be up to minor league teams to find the uncovered gems while getting players ready for the season soon after during training camp.

It all happens so fast, and this year is no different. The season actually begins nearly a week earlier than usual, with the campaign set to tip-off on November 14th.

With that in mind, former SWAC athlete Grady Green has his eyes on potentially getting drafted and playing minor league ball, a source tells

The swingman recently turned up at an open tryout for the Texas Legends. Holding this own throughout, the local Dallas product showed plenty of athleticism, some high-flying heroics, and a more than steady jump shot. See below for more.

A Division I recruit out of high school, Green was well on the radar of a number of different schools before an illness to his father caused his family to move around and relocate quite a bit, the source told His hopes of playing collegiate ball went south before he eventually caught on in the SWAC.

Delivering second-chances to those who deserve them is what the NBA D-League is all about. Plenty of coaches look for such players during the open tryout process. Green is undoubtedly a solid example of a talented individual who didn't get the reps or receive the looks necessary to get noticed.

Persevering through adversity is something that obviously builds character. It gives a player like Green credibility going into tryouts. Based on the little footage seen in the video clip above, he may be worth another look moving closer to the draft.

He has talent and sound fundamentals. There's no denying that. What's up for debate, however, is whether or not such an attempt at a second chance is too little, too late. Green is out to prove he's worth taking a chance on.