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After Time Overseas, Southern Alum Quinton Doggett Eyes 2014 NBA D-League Draft

After playing internationally for two plus seasons, former Southern University forward Quinton Doggett is entering the 2014 NBA D-League Draft.

Quinton Doggett

After failing to break into the NBA initially, professional basketball players are forced with the decision of whether to play overseas and/or the D-League year in and year out.

Of course, playing international ball allows such athletes to make more money by cashing in on more lucrative contracts. But by venturing across the world, they are often out of sight, and therefore all but out of the minds of NBA executives.

The solution to this, of course is ultimately deciding to take the D-League hardwood instead. It takes a smart individual to realize the time is right and pull the trigger.

With that in mind, Quinton Doggett is hoping to make a name for himself as he enters the 2014 NBA D-League Draft.

After finishing his collegiate career at Southern University, Doggett's professional career has already taken him places like Portugal and Denmark.

Since returning from playing summer ball in Nicaragua, Doggett has been trying out for D-League teams most recently.

"I have seen a lot of guys moving up by going to the D-League, instead of top level Europe. I've spent about two and a half years overseas, and now I think it's time to fulfill my dream," Doggett recently told "That's to play in the NBA. I feel like, realistically, I can make it."

Asked how he expects his skills to translate on the minor league hardwood, the forward said, "Playing in Europe, I've become very accustomed to the hybrid four. I can play the three. I can bring the ball up and shoot the three. I can basically do anything that's asked of me."

Interestingly enough, Doggett can assert himself physically down low to crash the boards and intimidate opposing players. On the flip side, in addition to muscling his way inside for easy buckets, he can also knock down jumpers from around the perimeter.

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"Quinton has an infectious style of play that makes you love watching basketball. He looks forward to being a team player in the D-League, learning from great coaches and other players." his agent Deborah Crain added.

Doggett very well could have continued playing overseas, but he now sees a coveted opportunity within his grasp: to play in The Association.

"I think the experience and the opportunity you get in the D-League is motivation. If you take a few thousand dollars less now, but make it to the NBA, you'll make more money [later]. If you take the chance and believe in yourself, it'll be [worth it] in the end," he added.