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Former Kentucky Big Man Eloy Vargas Entering 2014 NBA D-League Draft

Former Knicks' NBA Summer League participant Eloy Vargas is hoping to be selected in the 2014 NBA D-League Draft, it appears.

J. Meric

In the offseason of 2013, Eloy Vargas was an intriguing prospect on the New York Knicks' NBA Summer League team in Las Vegas. Appearing somewhat out of nowhere, Vargas wasn't expected to make much noise or garner roster consideration like players such as Jeremy Tyler or Toure Murry figured to in the weeks to come.

But perhaps that's why the former Kentucky big man stood out as much as he did, albeit it, moderately. Though he appeared raw on the defensive end with slower reaction time and/or necessary instincts, Vargas was a more than capable offensive player.

Proving to have plenty of versatility, he could put the ball on the floor, score inside, and certainly wasn't afraid of hoisting up the long ball, either. In a refreshing chain of events, Vargas had the skills necessary to back up such bold decisions; he was making his shots.

Standing tall at 6'11" and 245 pounds, such a skill set is rather unique for a player his size.

Clearly coming in as an underdog of sorts, the promise Vargas showed in Summer League wasn't nearly enough to garner him a worthwhile look from NBA teams.

But after spending last season playing abroad in Spain, it appears as though the 25 year old has entered the 2014 NBA D-League Draft.

Big men with the size and stature similar to that of Vargas' (not to mention, his unique skill as well) don't come around all too often, especially not in the D-League. That alone, should be reason enough to take a chance on him during minor league training camp. It's worth seeing what else is there, in addition to how well his abilities can potentially translate against other talents on this level.

It should be noted that the young gun also has one of the more creditable and strongest basketball upbringings someone could own, having played collegiately at Kentucky under John Calipari. He also hit the NCAA hardwood alongside 2013-14 NBADL Defensive Player of the Year DeAndre Liggins.