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Aquille Carr Reflects on His Time in the D-League and His Aspirations to Play in the NBA

After his release from the Sevens in January, Aquille Carr has been rigorously preparing for the NBA Draft while trying to reshape his image. He took some time to speak with Ridiculous Upside, reflecting on his past while looking forward to his promising future.

Aquille Carr

Since flourishing on the high school hardwood, Aquille Carr has been in the media spotlight. He was ranked among ESPN's top 50 players in the 2013 college recruiting class and received dozens of Division 1 scholarship offers. After committing to Seton Hall University, Carr opted to forego college hoops. He had a short stint playing in China before coming back over to the States.

Last November, Carr was selected in the third round of the D-League Draft by the Delware 87ers. In ten games, the 20-year-old averaged 10.7 points, 1.9 assists and 1.8 steals in 14 minutes, shooting 39.8 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from three-point range.

The neophyte recently spoke with to discuss what he's been up to since vacating Delaware.

Ridiculous Upside: Can you talk about what you have been up to the past few months?

Aquille Carr: I've been working out everyday, three times per day; early in the morning and late at night - all that. I'm also giving back to the community. I've been to soup kitchens, giving out food to the homeless and running basketball clinics. I'm so grateful for everything that I have and I'm thanking God for it, but it's also really important to give back.

RU: Are there any particular skills you're working on?

Carr: Right now, I'm working on my jump shot, getting it more consistent. I'm adding new stuff to my workouts, too.

RU: Can you talk about your D-League experience overall? Were your expectations for it the same as how it actually ended up?

Carr: It was different because, coming out of high school, I had never played professional basketball before. It wasn't easy. I had to get in the gym more and learn how to be a pro basketball player. It takes a lot. You don't just get there, you have to work hard.

RU: After seeing your performances on the U.S. Junior team in Italy in 2011, Lottomatica Roma - the same team that Detroit Pistons star Brandon Jennings played on, offered you a $750,000 contract while still in high school. Why did you reject the offer?

Carr: I was in high school and I was still a kid. I wasn't chasing the money. It's a family tradition of ours for everyone to get their diplomas. I didn't want to be the only who didn't do that. I wanted to stay in school and finish it out.

RU: Are there any specific teams you see yourself fitting on in the NBA?

Carr: I'm ready to go anywhere, show up and be a vocal leader. There won't be any negativity from me to the team.

RU: If the NBA doesn't work out, what's your backup plan?

Carr: I haven't really thought about that. Right now I'm focused on the NBA. I have good people around me. My agent (Daniel Hazan of Hazan Sports Management) has me on a good route. I'm focusing on what I can do on the court.

RU: You're commonly referred to as the "Crimestopper" - what do you think of the nickname?

Carr: (Laughs) It's a great nickname that Baltimore, my city, gave me. It's going to stick with me my whole life.

RU: What is the favorite moment of your basketball career?

Carr: When I was 4 years old, I hit a game-winning shot in the championship.

RU: Who's the one professional player that you model your game after?

Carr: Nate Robinson. He's a small guard like me, grinds a lot like me. He gets overlooked but is still in the NBA. He's a great leader out there who works hard. He's in the NBA for a reason.