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Scouting Texas Legends' PJ Hairston For The NBA Draft With

Our own Keith Schlosser chatted with about Texas Legends' swingman PJ Hairston's potential in the NBA Draft.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, our own Scott Rafferty penned one of the most comprehensive scouting reports you'll find across the web on Texas Legends' swingman PJ Hairston, the young gun who is one of six minor leaguers eligible for the NBA Draft.

This week, I (Keith Schlosser) chatted with SB Nation alum turned reporter Robby Kalland to further examine the former Tar Heel's potential as a draft selection, perhaps even one by Atlanta in just a few short weeks.

To find out what I had to say pertaining to Hairston's strengths, weaknesses, success in the D-League, and an interesting NBA player comparison, head on over to (or simply click here) for more.

As a little preview, take a look below to see what I considered to be one of Hairston's top performances from this past season:

What was his most memorable performance from this season?

The decision for a potential first-round draft pick to play in the D-League beforehand is a big one, so all eyes were on Hairston early on. In just his second game of the season, he scored 40 points.

That wouldn't even go on to be highest scoring output of the season, but the fact that he was able to turn heads from the word "go" showed he meant business. Everyone wanted to see what else he could do (or if he could keep that up) the rest of the way.