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NBA D-League President Dan Reed Comments On His Departure For Facebook

NBA D-League President Dan Reed recently commented on his forthcoming departure from basketball's minor league.

NBAE/Getty Images

Earlier this week, it was announced that NBA D-League President Dan Reed will be stepping down at the end of the position to assume a new position at Facebook. He'll be joining the social media juggernaut as head of global sports partnerships.

Since, both the NBA and the President himself have commented on the forthcoming move, as well as the phenomenal progress the D-League has made under Reed's guidance.

President Reed took to his Facebook account (how fitting --- where else?) to thank his supporters and the league's fans:

"After 10 wonderful years at the NBA, I'm thrilled to be joining the Facebook team to lead global sports partnerships. We'll be focused on connecting hundreds of millions of sports fans to their favorite teams, athletes, sports, and to one another...while ensuring Facebook's products and platforms are essential and valuable tools for leagues, teams, athletes, and other key sports business partners."

In a statement released by the league, Reed also added the following:

"It's been a privilege working alongside so many talented people in the NBA family over the past decade," said Reed. "I take great pride in the NBA D-League's success to date, and its incredibly bright future as both a business and a development resource for the NBA and the game of basketball."

And finally, NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum thanked the mastermind for his service over the last decade:

"Dan's exceptional business acumen and tireless work ethic have lifted the NBA Development League to new heights," said Tatum. "We thank Dan for his contributions to the NBA and look forward to working with him in his new role."