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Former UIC Athletics Guard Jay Harris Headed For 2015 NBA D-League Draft

Former UIC and Wagner guard Jay Harris will have his name in the 2015 NBA D-League Draft player pool.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Former UIC and Wagner athlete Jay Harris is headed for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft (pool), according to agent BJ Bass. See below.

Harris is a combo guard of sorts, but went on to specifically display an ability to run the floor and command an offense during recent showings through workouts and organized showcases in New York City this past offseason. He's a rather bouncy floor general with quick agility and an enthusiasm for getting his teammates involved.

As he looks to create an identity on the professional hardwood, honing more of a persona at the one is probably for the best, as Harris struggled from the field while at college. Should he want to demonstrate more versatility for teams looking to add combo guards off the bench, Harris will have to work on finishing inside and shooting well off the dribble. Still, his high basketball IQ should warrant him some consideration come draft night anyway.