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Southeast Missouri State's Jarekious Bradley Heads For 2015 NBA D-League Draft

Southeast Missouri State's Jarekious Bradley is eligible for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft, has learned.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The D-League more than appreciates young athletes who understand and hone their respective niches in translating their games to the professional level. The NBA is full of dominating scorers, so big league executives scour the minor league for those that can do the dirty work; grind, pass, rebound, and/or spread the floor and keep defenses honest.

Luckily for him, sharpshooting Jarekious Bradley seems to understand his abilities quite well. Through two seasons at Southeast Missouri State, Bradley was recognized as a central figure in his team's offense, averaging 19 points as a junior and 16.2 points as a senior, respectively. And while his shooting percentage from deep wavered a bit as a senior, Bradley still proved himself to be efficient elsewhere around the perimeter, and especially at the charity stripe. He's a strong finisher at the basket who can draw fouls, and subsequently go on to sink his free throws.

After shooting 38% from deep as a junior, Bradley will have to continue to develop a consistent stroke if he wants to endear himself to D-League and NBA teams alike as a supporting role player to some of the more offensive juggernauts  around the league, sort of a la an Anthony Morrow type of player.

In any event, he'll certainly have the opportunity to strut his stuff, or so it seems. Bradley is among the young guns eligible for the 2015 NBA D-League Draft, has learned.

After finishing his senior year, Bradley went undrafted at the NBA level, but had a pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors, among others. Could the Raptors 905 be interested in selecting him later this month, so that the big league club gets an extended look at the youngster? That remains to be seen.