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Jimmer Fredette Named RU "Top Prospect Of The Week" To Begin December

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Jimmer Fredette has been named Ridiculous Upside's latest "Top Prospect of the Week."

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Upon getting drafted second overall in this year's D-League Draft, NBA vet Jimmer Fredette was heralded as the hometown hero early on. But a quick call-up back to the New Orleans Pelicans delayed the guard's Big Apple debut for the Westchester Knicks.

Westchester amassed just a 9-41 record all of last season, but proved to be the early surprise of the season with a 5-0 record under new head coach Mike Miller. Such victories came without Fredette in town. Though they've only gone 2-2 since his return, the team is clearly still on the right track, and the guard's offensive prowess has been downright dominant.

Fredette has exploded onto the minor league scene like most would have expected him to; pouring in the points, running the floor well, and attacking the basket with abandon. In four appearance thus far, the 26 year old has scored 27.5 points on an efficient 47% from the field and 41% from deep, dishing out 5.5 assists, grabbing 4.5 rebounds, and stealing 2.8 balls as well. Able to convert well from the charity stripe, Fredette has shot 92%.

Having to rise up as an offensive juggernaut is a familiar role for Fredette, but isn't one he's been asked to embrace since college. Nevertheless, he's been able to impress by grabbing it by the horns with full enthusiasm. His turnover numbers are a bit higher than he and the team would like, but that's expected when handling the ball and having an offense run through him as much as Westchester's has. His scoring prowess is undeniable , and with more time, finding a rhythm with his teammates may result in fewer turnovers.

For his most recent efforts, Fredette has been named's "Top Prospect of the Week" for November 30th through December 5th.

What Fredette does well is already well known. But with just three NBA teams currently owning available roster spots, another big league opportunity may be difficult to come by in the near future. In the interim, expect him to continue pouring in the points on the minor league level while he waits.