Warriors-Pelicans Series Preview (Sweep or Upset?)


After a nail-biting finish to the season, the Pelicans ultimately outlasted the Thunder and Suns to clinch the eight seed. Their reward? The 10th greatest regular season team of all time. Tis no reward for a team that needed to squeeze out every win to ensure making the postseason tournament. But this is the Western Conference, where championship caliber teams meet in the first round, and 50+ wins guarantees you essentially nothing. The Warriors have patiently been waiting for weeks to find out who their first round opponent will be, but were not complacent during this time, only losing to the Pelicans and Spurs in their last 20 games. After that loss to the Pellies, however, Anthony Davis had a few choice words for Curry and the Warriors, stating that he didn’t think the Warriors really showed up for that game, and didn’t take it seriously while Davis’ Pels were fighting for their playoff lives. It’s

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