Chef Curry with The Miracle in the Corner!


The Warriors were down 20 entering the 4th. As a franchise, the Warriors were 0-356 in games down by 20 going into the 4th. That’s more than a few shots at greatness, and the Warriors have come up short, a ton. Curry wouldn’t let that happen. Then they were down 17 with 6 minutes left. The charge began. Down 10 with 3 minutes, the stage was set. Per the win probability, the Warriors had less than a 2% chance of winning the game. That’s when Curry became Captain America, or Iron Man, or Hawkeye, or whatever Avenger floats your boat. He didn’t step into any booth and put on his superhero costume. He is like Steve Rodgers in that he is always Captain America, but only in Earth’s most desperate moments does he feel the need to unleash his powers.

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