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Merced Jones Heading For 2015 NBA D-League National Tryout

Merced Jones, a guard out of Home Rowan College at Gloucester County, will be participating in the 2015 NBA D-League national tryout.

Developing talent in the NBA D-League each and every year is all about finding some of The Association's future impact players. The household names of tomorrow can always be found hitting the minor league hardwood today, so to speak.

With that in mind, it's an exciting time when taking into consideration the D-League's national tryout will take place this coming Sunday, June 14th, in New York City.

For nearly 200 basketball hopefuls, such a showcase provides them with an opportunity to strut their stuff and be seen once and for all. It's up to the slew of NBA and D-League personnel set to be in attendance that day to find those potential diamonds in the rough.

One player hoping to make his mark that day will be Merced Jones, a source tells If anyone is beginning to wonder who that is, this is truly the beauty of the minor league and its tryout process.

Listed at about 5'11" and 185 pounds, Jones plays college ball at Home Rowan College at Gloucester County. A good ball handler, Jones boasts an aggressive first step that helps him attack the basket. Though he currently plays both guard positions in college, there's no doubt he would be embraced as a floor general as he attempts to break into the D-League. Running the floor well and looking to get his teammates involved (all while staying in front of his man and playing steady defense) are all things he'll need to do at the national tryout. He certainly appears to play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, however. Jones has a good motor.

Obviously his school isn't exactly a hotbed for basketball talent, which makes Jones a rare, unknown, and undiscovered commodity heading in. The tryout provides a promising and hopeful athlete like him with a chance to shine. It'll be interesting to see if he's someone who stands out and takes advantage..

Anyone interested in more footage of Jones can click here (he's number 14) and here (he's number 30).