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Multiple D-League Records On Pace To Be Broken This Year

As the years go by, the NBA D-League continues to add loads of talented players. With the talent level rising, some major records are at risk of being broken this year.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Stephen Curry breaking his own three-point field goals made record, the NBA D-League also has a few major milestones that are on the brink of being surpassed by players this year. Given that the league is so fluid in its nature, with players regularly being called up to the NBA or leaving to go play overseas, it is tough for players to get close to eclipsing some of these marks but they're certainly up for grabs as the season moves towards its conclusion.

While around 20% of the season still remains, these two players have made major impacts throughout the year and their efforts have a very good chance of being rewarded with spots atop the D-League record books.


Current Record: 1,300 - Will Conroy (2008-2009)
Challenger: 962 - Vander Blue

Blue has managed to sit right around the top of the D-League's Call-Up Watch throughout the season and he's pushing closer and closer to the #1 spot as the season rolls on. He's caught fire throughout 2016, where he's averaging 29.3 points per game. His team has twelve games left, so it would take a strong effort to get to where he needs to be to break the record.

Throughout the year he has averaged 26 points per game, but that output would leave him 24 points shy (though firmly in second place all-time). If he can maintain his scoring averages from 2016 calendar year (29.3), however he would beat it by 13 points. 28.2 points per game over the last twelve games is the number that he needs to shoot for and given his play over the past couple of months, it's looking like he'll be able to get there.

Free Throws Made

Current Record: 323 - Will Conroy (2008-2009)
Challenger: 273 - Vander Blue

While the overall points record has a bit of uncertainty to it, the free throw record should almost be in the bag for Blue. He's been getting to the line far more often than any player in the league this year, as he leads Tu Holloway of the Texas Legends by nearly 50 free throw attempts made.

He needs to make just 4.2 free throws per game to match the record and that should be no problem for him, given that he's currently getting to the line over nine times per game. Out of the four records that are up for grabs this year, this one is easily the most likely and Blue should be able to shatter it. He's on pace for 392, so even a slight drop off would allow him to break it.

Win Shares/48

Current Record: .2755 - Devin Brown (2002-2003)
Challenger: .3184 - Jarnell Stokes

While his eligibility for a single-season record may come into quesiton as his maximum number of games for this year is 29, Stokes has been an absolute game-changer for the Skyforce every time that he has stepped on the floor. The team is 14-2 in the games that he has played, which has heavily aided him in garnering such a high number of WS/48.

To those unfamiliar, according to Basketball Reference, "Win Shares is a player statistic which attempts to divvy up credit for team success to the individuals on the team." Adjusting this statistic per-48 minutes allows people to see how much a player contributes to a team based on their per-minute output. That current difference of .0429, though it seems minuscule, is incredibly sizable. It represents approximately the gap between the current record holder and the player that stands in 13th place all-time. For Stokes to reach this mark, the Skyforce are going to have to continue winning, which seems to be no problem when he's in the lineup.

Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

Current Record: 28.28 - Quincy Miller (2014-2015)
Challenger: 30.67 - Jarnell Stokes

Stokes is also aided here by a bit of a lower number of games played, as PER is often boosted in players that see a limited amount of minutes. With that being said, however, a margin this large would be quite indicative of the season that Stokes is having if he can keep up this level of play through the end of the year.

His incredible efficiency over the course of the season, to the tune of a 67.3 FG%, has guided him to the tremendous rating that he has posted to this point and he'll have to keep scoring at around that rate as the season winds down. It's a bit of a tall order to expect a player to hit nearly 70% of their shots but if anyone will be able to do it, it's Stokes.