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Long Island Nets Hit Home Run With Ronald Nored Hire

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Former Celtics' staffer Ronald Nored has been hired as the first head coach of the Long Island Nets.

As a rebuilding squad (one trying to instill a much more positive and successful culture overall, with former Spurs executive Sean Marks running the show), the development of the Nets' younger talent is imperative to their potential progress. They not only want to continue nurturing their already existent talent, but also have an opportunity to continue discoving diamonds in the rough. Creating a special D-League enviornmemt could certainly go a long way towards establishing such a fluid pipe line.

With the recently unveiled Long Island Nets set to debut and hit the minor league hardwood next season, Brooklyn has already made the first of what could be a string of very positive moves. The organization announced on Friday that Ronald Nored, the former Butler athlete and recent Celtics' player development assistant, has been hired as the affiliate's first head coach.

In addition to his playing career and experience on the NBA bench, Nored was also previously an assistant with Boston's affiliated Red Claws. He understands quite well the grind that such players are always on.

Putting it simply, the Nets have hit a home run with this hire. One of the brightest and more fundamentally sound basketball minds, Coach Nored is truly one of the league's most promising up and comers. Having been coached by Celtics' head coach Brad Stevens at the collegiate level, Nored has long been praised for his high energy level. He's a great motivator, and can relate to players very well; he gains trust with a personable demeanor. Though he's undoubtedly on the younger side, Nored's knowledge for the game commands respect.

It's going to be really interesting to see not only how he mentors and teaches the game, but also his judge of character and talent in helping mold this team going forward. This is his chance to prove himself with a newfound independence. As a player, Nored was an outstanding leader. He was someone who did all of the little things and carried himself with maturity. One would have to expect Long Island to target a slew of high basketball IQ players going forward. There's a reason to be optimistic, and if Nored's hiring is any indication as to what's to come down the road, the future is bright for Brooklyn. This helps set such a tone already.