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NBA Mock Draft: Boston Celtics Select Markelle Fultz From Washington

SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making their team's pick. To start out the 2017 NBA Mock Draft, Celtics Blog starts out by taking Markelle Fultz from Washington

Washington v UCLA

NBA Mock Draft Pick #1 -- Markelle Fultz, Point Guard, Washington

SBNation’s Boston Celtics’ blog Celtics Blog explains the pick:

This selection should surprise exactly no one. In fact, I'm wondering if you are even reading this blurb. Perhaps I'll amuse myself by quoting Shakespeare. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” The Celtics don’t need more good players. They need great ones. Is Markelle Fultz going to be great? That remains to be seen, but he's got all the tools to get there. He has NBA 3 point range, he can hit from midrange, and he can finish at the rim. He’s also a skilled distributor. Defense is a question mark but he’s at least got the physical tools to be better than advertised on that side of the ball. The Celtics have been seeking greatness since Pierce and Garnett were sent to Brooklyn. That trade made this pick possible, so it all makes sense. Or as the Bard would say "The wheel is come full circle."

Ridiculous Upside Analysis

Honestly, the Celtics picking Fultz with the 1st overall pick has been obvious since they won the NBA Draft lottery back on May 16th. As Celtics Blog mentioned, Fultz really has the chance to be a game-changing player as he already stands a dynamic offensive player that shot 41% from beyond the arc and maintained a 1.83 Ast/TO ratio as an 18-year old freshman. Although he’ll definitely need to refine his defense, Fultz has the opportunity to be the kind of player that could push the Celtics to possibly overthrowing the Cavaliers as the kings of the Eastern Conference.


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3. Philadelphia 76ers -

4. Phoenix Suns -

5. Sacramento Kings -

6. Orlando Magic -

7. Minnesota Timberwolves -

8. New York Knicks -

9. Dallas Mavericks -

10. Sacramento Kings -

11. Charlotte Hornets -

12. Detroit Pistons -

13. Denver Nuggets -

14. Miami Heat -

15. Portland Trail Blazers -

16. Chicago Bulls -

17. Milwaukee Bucks -

18. Indiana Pacers -

19. Atlanta Hawks -

20. Portland Trail Blazers -

21. Oklahoma City Thunder -

22. Brooklyn Nets -

23. Toronto Raptors -

24. Utah Jazz -

25. Orlando Magic -

26. Portland Trail Blazers -

27. Brooklyn Nets -

28. Los Angeles Lakers -

29. San Antonio Spurs -

30. Utah Jazz -