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NBA Mock Draft: Orlando Magic Select Jayson Tatum From Duke

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SB Nation's NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making their team’s picks. To continue the 2017 NBA Mock Draft, Orlando Pinstriped Post takes Jayson Tatum from Duke

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-South Carolina vs Duke Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Mock Draft Pick #6 -- Jayson Tatum, Small Forward, Duke

SBNation’s Orlando Magic’s blog Orlando Pinstriped Post explains the pick:

While the Magic have a duo of Evan Fournier and Terrence Ross on the wing that, in their short time together last season, showed some flashes, neither one has star power which the Magic desperately need. In comes Tatum who has all the tools to be a star player in the league. Despite all the talk of the Magic needing a point guard, Elfrid Payton showed towards the end of last season he can be a force in the league, and is worth looking at for another season. Tatum adds a skill set that the Magic desperately need, and can be their go-to guy when needed. He needs to work on the consistency of his three point shot, but with time, and continued work with Magic shooting coach Dave Love, he can achieve that.

Ridiculous Upside Analysis

On a team that’s in desperate need for a go-to scoring threat, it makes a lot of sense for the Magic to select Jayson Tatum with the sixth overall pick. Over the course of his Duke career, the 6’8 Tatum showed himself to be a pretty versatile offensive threat that can help his team out by driving to the paint his left and right hand, hitting the mid-range jumper and posting up. Although he needs to refine his perimeter jumper, Tatum definitely has the makings of a player that could potentially average 20+ points per game during his NBA career. If he’s able to do that then the Magic might actually have that go-to player they’ve been looking for since they traded Dwight Howard in 2012.


2. Los Angeles Lakers - LONZO BALL, UCLA

3. Philadelphia 76ers - JOSH JACKSON, KANSAS


5. Sacramento Kings - DE’AARON FOX, KENTUCKY

6. Orlando Magic - JAYSON TATUM, DUKE

7. Minnesota Timberwolves -

8. New York Knicks -

9. Dallas Mavericks -

10. Sacramento Kings -

11. Charlotte Hornets -

12. Detroit Pistons -

13. Denver Nuggets -

14. Miami Heat -

15. Portland Trail Blazers -

16. Chicago Bulls -

17. Milwaukee Bucks -

18. Indiana Pacers -

19. Atlanta Hawks -

20. Portland Trail Blazers -

21. Oklahoma City Thunder -

22. Brooklyn Nets -

23. Toronto Raptors -

24. Utah Jazz -

25. Orlando Magic -

26. Portland Trail Blazers -

27. Brooklyn Nets -

28. Los Angeles Lakers -

29. San Antonio Spurs -

30. Utah Jazz -