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All-Upside Hoopers Vol. I

Antonio Losada brings you three high school ballers calling for your attention. In this Volume we take a look at international prospects coming from Canada and Scotland.

Anthony Cardeau/GamePoint

2019 | Quincy Guerrier | SF | Quebec City (QC) Thetford Academy

Canada has been pumping talent toward the NCAA Division I lately and the presence of international ballers from north of the border in the collegiate ranks has been notable. And their development must be accounted for too, with the likes of Jamal Murray and Andrew Wiggins already playing for NBA franchises and others like RJ Barrett on the verge of becoming lottery picks this next summer. One of the next Maple talents, you wonder? Quincy Guerrier, from Quebec City. The wing from Thetford Academy has already given word to Syracuse that he’ll join their roster this upcoming fall (joining forces with New York’s prodigy Joe Girard III among others) and he’ll do it while being ranked just out of the 2019 class Top 100.

Already holding a college-ready frame to be able to carry the burden the next level will demand, Guerrier has them bounces. He clogs the inside zone and imposes his will there smashing rims effortlessly. But he’s not just another bully. He has outside game too and can score from the three point line if asked to, so don’t rule out his shooting ability. He may not have the faster mechanic, but his jump shot is nothing but smooth and accurate. While playing for Brookwood Elite at the last Adidas Gold Gauntlet, Guerrier averaged 26.8 points and 6.5 boards per during a four-game stretch. His shooting averages were also above average, shooting 50.7 percent from the floor and 40 percent from three while attempting 3.5 treys per game.

Myerscough College & University Centre

2019 | Mate Okros | SG | Scotland

To this date, only one player from Scotland has made the L. We’re talking about Robert Archibald, who prior to scoring himself a contract with the Memphis Grizzlies in 2002 spent four years developing at Illinois. The next Scottish great could be before our eyes in Mate Okros. The guard from Great Britain started and finished ranked No. 1 at the UK Deng Camp Top 50, which features the best prospects from the British Islands. Luol Deng, head honcho of the tournament, commented on Okros saying his basketball IQ is above average and he clearly looks like a sure thing to make it to the upper ranks of the next levels of the game as he advances through them. Capable of scoring and sharing dimes, he’s pictured as a versatile one-two-three combo-guard, putting the ball in the rim himself and creating chances for others.

At this point, and while he’s already committed to the Drexler Dragons, it’s known that he will feature on the U20-EuroLeague (Toronto Raptors’ big man Jonas Valanciunas featured there, among others) this next season and play for a second division team in his native country in Europe. Such as other international ballers in the past, his path is way open and could see different developments during the next few months and years until eventually reaching the NBA draft and league if he gets there. But he’s got all the tools to make it happen in the near future.

Jane Finch Mall

2019 | Jahcobi Neath | PG | Toronto (ON) Crestwood Prep

Yes, NHL players Dougie Hamilton and Jamie Oleksiak may be the most famous alumni to come out of Crestwood Prep, but Jahcobi Neath is here to flip the puck for the rock in the history books of this Canadian high school. Neath signed to play ball for Wake Forest this past December and he’ll feature on the Demon Deacons’ backcourt from next fall on, after moving from Toronto to Wiston-Salem.

Although a little less valued than Guerrier (he currently falls short of the 2019 class Top 200), Neath will be one of the few PGs at WF, which will give him the chance to see minutes from early in his tenure. As athletic as they come, this kid shows a unique flair on the court and has the willingness to run from the top of the key to the rim without a total lack of fear. Players in front of him on his way to the rim? No problem, he’ll catch as many bodies as needed. Two or three long defenders clogging the paint? Sure bet he’ll find a way to put the ball in someone’s hands with a flashy move while in the air. He’s got the range, he’s got the vision and he’s got the flair. Not much more you can ask for.