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NBA Mock Draft: Atlanta Hawks Select Gota Bitadze from the Republic of Georgia

SB Nation’s NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making their team’s pick. With the 17th pick, the Hawks select Gota Bitadze.

NBA Mock Draft Pick #17 - Gota Bitadze, Center, Republic of Georgia

SB Nation’s Atlanta Hawks blog Peachtree Hoops explains the pick:

Frankly, it was jarring to see Goga Bitadze on the board for the Hawks and it made the decision easy. Earlier, Atlanta added a pair of forwards to the mix and, from a nerd perspective, the Hawks don’t necessarily have their “center of the future” on the roster with John Collins acting as a primary power forward. With Bitadze, you add a lottery-level talent with the ability to function well on both ends and this is an ideal combination of the best player on the board that also fits on Atlanta’s roster.