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NBA Mock Draft: Brooklyn Nets Select Luka Samanic from Croatia

SB Nation’s NBA Network conducted a mock draft with bloggers from each team site making their team’s picks. With the 27th pick, the Nets select Luka Samanic.

NBA Mock Draft Pick #27 - Luka Samanic, Forward, Croatia

SB Nation’s Brooklyn Nets blog NetsDaily explains the pick:

Luka Samanic, at 6’11”, is an ideal fit for the Nets who are always looking for three-point shooting bigs and Samanic qualifies. He came to this year’s NBA Draft Combine and in one scrimmage showed that he has NBA skills (if not yet an NBA body). Not to mention that Sean Marks’ last three picks --in the 2017 second round and both rounds last year-- were all Europeans taller than 6’9”! Marks reportedly scouted Samanic personally last January on his annual European trip.