Inside the rise of Victor Wembanyama: ‘When I saw him, I knew he was just special’


LAS VEGAS – Nicolas Batum was walking out of a French men’s basketball team practice in suburban Paris four years ago when this giant kid caught his eye and stopped him from departing. The 14-year-old wowed Batum as he gracefully ran the floor at 6-feet-11, had a complete offensive game and blocked shots and dunked the ball with ease. While it’s usually kids who introduce themselves to NBA players, the Los Angeles Clippers forward made a point to introduce himself to this kid named Victor Wembanyama. "I saw this 14-year-old kid walking and I said, ‘Hold up. Let me watch this kid play.’ I saw him moving, dribbling and I called Tony Parker right away and said, ‘We got to get this guy Victor Wembanyama.’ For anyone listening, I have been telling people during the last four years about him. They’re listening now," Batum recently told Andscape. Today, the entire NBA is saying we got to get this guy Victor Wembanyama, who now stands 7-3 with an 8-foot wingspan and a 9-7 standing reach, and is a generational talent widely projected to be the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft

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