The 2022 NBA Draft in Review: How did the Raptors do?


That’s what Toronto Raptors GM Bobby Webster said during his pre-draft availability the other day when asked what the team was looking for in the 2022 NBA Draft. While the roster constructs and known workouts point toward drafting another big wing, the Raptors do like to zig when the consensus expects them to zag — and did so again by drafting Christian Koloko 33rd, a Junior from Arizona and coincidentally, from Doula, Cameroon, just like Pascal Siakam. While many wings remained available after the Raptors made their selection, the front office stood pat, waiting for the undrafted talent pool. They picked up Ron Harper Jr as a two-way contract player, and I can already tell you that the incoming Raptors 905’s Filipino Heritage Game in Mississauga will be lit. Should I Stream NFL Games for Free? Paid streaming platforms like SlingTV and FuboTV have all cut deals with the NFL and have the rights to broadcast games...

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