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Welcome To The Future. Welcome To Ridiculous Upside.

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Hi, everybody!

(Hi, Dr. Matt! )

Welcome to Ridiculous Upside, the new SB Nation site about the NBA.  I'm Matt Moore and I'll be your lead author, host, moderator, and Grand Poobah. You may know a couple of us from other parts of ye old internet . So what is Ridiculous Upside?  It's all about potential.  The NBA is a league with a high regard for potential, and coaches, GMs, and fans are always looking for The Next Big Thing.  Ridiculous Upside will cover those players and give you insight, analysis, and probably a joke or two about those players.  We'll be covering the NBA Draft, the D-League, the CBA, the PBL ( I know, I know, what the holy crapola is the PBL. No, it's not bowling. We'll get to it. Hang in there.), European competition, and some of the processes about personnel decisions.

In the next coming days, expect coverage of the lottery, the draft, some interviews with D-League players and staff, and a whole lot of mockery of OJ Mayo. We'll be doing some things you'd expect (mock drafts, interviews) and some things you won't (can't ruin those).  We'll keep you up to date on the best stuff out there from the guys that have been covering this stuff at a standard we can only hope to halfway reach.  We won't try and replicate what they do, but we want to bring our own unique perspective to the proceedings.

It's great to have you along, we're excited to be here. Welcome to the a look at the future of the National Basketball Association. Welcome to Ridiculous Upside.