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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #4, Seattle Supersonics

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With the fourth pick in the SBNation Mock Draft, the Seattle/Oklahoma City/Okinawa/Shangri-La /Hanalei Supersonics, represented by Ridiculous Upside, select...


Eric Gordon, Guard, Indiana University. 6-3, 215 lbs.


Ridiculous Upside says: Our representative for this pick is the Corndogg...

We're bucking the trend. Everyone, even though there is ample evidence to the contrary, seems to find Gordon to be slower, less athletic, and less skilled than Bayless, who's expected to go here.  But in my mind, its all a perception problem. Gordon, playing on a slow team last year with a star down low never truly had command of his bearings. Bayless, with the ball in his hands and a bunch of athletes around him from Day 1, always looked and played much smoother and quicker than Gordon.
But, Seattle already has a guy who needs the ball in his hands constantly and loves hanging around the perimeter launching threes. His name is Kevin Durant. And, with a plethora of busts in the middle (none of which provides much trades bait in Petro, Swift and Sene), the Sonics would be loathe to take another young, underdeveloped big. So, why not give them Gordon. His handle is tougher than people realize. His tough, wide stature is great for slashing and clashing all the way to the hoop. This kid is a bowling ball of rim rocking dunkability - yeah, I just used that phrase. With a couple young points and Durant around him, Gordon will be free to attack, attack, attack. Seattle needs this, as none of their bigs command that much attention and their shooters are less than decent, to say the least. If KD is gonna do most of the heavy lifting offensively, they might as well add a sturdy, focused guard who can get in the paint and is tough enough to finish in traffic.

There are so many options for Seattle at this point that it is hard to pin down one. But for all those people out there knocking Gordon, I can't help but feel that it is because he was at Indiana, withouth any proper coaching, that gave him his bad habits and sour attitude that has forced him behind a kid like Bayless. But, he is tough to guard, is much quicker than people give him credit for and has a skill set that compliments Durant well. So what if you aren't getting a lock down defender. No one else is either. Go get 'em, Gordon.


The Memphis Grizzlies, represented by Three Shades of Blue , are now on the clock.


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4. Seattle Supersonics- Ridiculous Upside: Eric Gordon