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D-League Showcase Right Around the Corner

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D-League + Idaho + Lexus = Awesome?
D-League + Idaho + Lexus = Awesome?

So I'm getting a bit excited about the NBA D-League and decided you should be too.

Here's why:

  • As per usual, Boom Tho says it best.  This week of practice is huge because it precedes the Showcase. A big Showcase could mean a big call up. Defense wins chips and I defend!
  • NBA TV will air seven live HD D-League games over the course of the four day event out in Boise, Idaho.  Who ever thought that the D-League would be broadcasting live high-definition games into your living room? (in the rough draft, I typed "loving room" instead of "living room" - that was nearly awkward)
  • All 16 D-League teams will be in attendance.  And they'll each play twice.  This is a basketball fiend's dream.  Only the most hardcore would watch it, but with 16 games crammed into four days, wow - should be fun.
  • Steiny Mo will be there!  Yes, ESPN's Marc Stein will be making the trek out to Boise, along with "general managers, player personnel executives, and scouts from each of the 30 NBA teams" according to a recent D-League press release.  Basically, a lot of big time people will be there - even D-League Digest's Steve Weinman (I'm still a bit bitter about him being on NBA TV) and the guys from DraftExpress.  Maybe even SI's Ian Thomsen will show up again!
  • JamesOn Curry will be making a return to the D-League Showcase.  If you remember, JamesOn got into a bit of trouble last time he was out in Boise, leading to his dismissal from the Chicago Bulls for peeing outside while on assignment from the NBA.
  • 10-day contracts start January 5th, the second day of the Showcase.  It's basically going to be a Winter version of the Vegas Summer League, complete with exact opposite weather conditions.  With 10-day contract's on the line, the stakes are high, because that's essentially what every player in the D-League is playing for right now.  A lot like Summer League, in which every player is hoping to impress either the overseas scouts/GM's in attendance or the NBA decision makers, hoping for a camp invite.
  • The D-League Showcase, Where Call-Up's (+ Assignments) Happen.  With everyone in attendance, the Showcase is also the perfect place to showcase young guys that aren't in their NBA teams plans anymore.  Shannon Brown took the biggest advantage of this, going off two seasons ago for the RGV Vipers.  Now, he's on (arguably? unfortunately?) the top team in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers.  Other Showcase call-up's over the past few seasons include Guillermo Diaz, Jeremy Richardson, CJ Watson, Jermareo Davidson and Renaldo Major.
  • Oh, and if you all pledge to donate just a little bit more than the $7.72 that's currently on the table, I'll be in attendance January 3rd-8th.