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Random D-League Bullets for your Afternoon Delight

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  • Remember way back when, when we held the vote for the dance team that should have represented the D-League at All-Star Weekend?  Somehow, we omitted these A-List Girls from Anaheim.  Luckily, they will now go down in RU lore, as they recently tried out to be members of the San Diego Chargers dance team, according to  I know, I scour every inch of the interweb to bring you the important news.  I can only hope that the Sprinfield Peach Basket's look this 
  • The Idaho-Austin game will be Futurecasted, according to the wonderful people in Austin.  Glad this is confirmed.  Now we just have to make sure Sun Yue's appearance at the Concordia Fieldhouse's volleyball/basketball/indoor pickleball court isn't leaked.
  • Word on the street is the Spurs Ian Mahinmi will try to play Wednesday night in Austin.  How will he look?
  • The Des Moines Register found out why Nick Nurse was hesitant to pick an opponent yesterday:  Nurse almost threw a curveball into the system - and considered strategically passing his team's third selection to the fourth-seeded Austin Toros.  One reason: Picking an opponent could be trumped up as a slight.  "It was that tough of a decision," said Nurse, whose team went 5-2 against Dakota this season and edged it for the division title.
  • The only USA minor league running in the summer is the IBL.  I got one of my guys, Brandon Smith (rookie out of Minnesota), a job there, as he needed a place to play after the CBA went under.  For whatever reason, the Bellingham Slam were hesitant to take a player based upon what I told them, deciding to offer him $100 a game during the preseason, because they didn't think he'd make the regular season roster.  Well, yesterday was their last preseason game, and B-Smith did what he does - 15/23 from the field, 35 points, 14 boards, two blocks and two steals in 29 minutes.  It's a tough situation, but he's perservering for now, living on a team provided couch in a teammate's house.  Big ups, B-Smith!  It's a grind.
  • The Jaren Jackson saga continues.  As a commenter said yesterday, Potter isn't the easiest guy to work for.  Today in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Jackson said "There were moves I would have liked to have made that we didn't make, and some moves we made I didn't want to make," Jackson said. "The way I wanted to shape the team was different than the way Jeff and John wanted to shape it."
  • I can't endorse this as much as I'd like don't endorse this at all, as I'm still working hard to get President Reed to answer my emails.   However, this is hilarious not my work, but the work of RU's resident photoshop expert IceManCometh.  I repeat, it's not my work, not did I have any input.  I don't even find it funny. Not one bit.  But I love Especially not the Marat Kogut mention.
  • Nate Jawai may have broke his ankle, according to the Fanatic Flash Fan in the comments.  I'm convinced he is who Freddy Finals was unoficially based upon.
  • NBA Summer League is July 10-19th.  Confirmed.  I'll be there, probably as an intern.  Will you?
  • Quincy Douby will not re-join Erie, as he signed for the rest of the season with Toronto.  Once again with the next season part as well, but we'll see what happens.