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And The D-League All-Star Game Dance Team is...

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Well, actually, the D-League didn't vote for one of these either. Since I put up the mascot post yesterday, may as well go with the best dance team too. Looks like Fort Wayne and Austin are both on top of their game day duties, as they've got participants in both!

Luckily, we've got you covered, though it wasn't easy. After much debate, these are your official choices, via RidiculousUpside, for best D-League dance team. Since full team pictures didn't fit, we just made sure to give you a sample of some of the better teams (Best Team Photo: Fort Wayne). Just click on each team to see the rest of the team. Without further adieu:


Sioux Falls Skyleaders


Austin's Capital City Dancers


Fort Wayne's Madame Ants


RGV's Snake Charmers