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Brian Butch Named NBA D-League All-Star Game MVP

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After an absolutely dominating performance today in the D-League All-Star Game, I think Brian Butch might be able to pull even more lucrative commercials than Pep's Pizza.

Butch, who didn't exactly have a good first half (don't ask why they decided to play halves when the D-League always plays quarters), absolutely exploded in the second half.  And by exploded, I mean he quit bringing the ball up the court, quit bricking shots and displayed the inside-outside game that I assumed Rob Kurz would put on display.  He finished with one of the best games of his D-League career with 18 points (7-of-12 from the field) and 13 boards, eight of which were on the offensive end in 21 minutes off the bench.  This is actually a bit better than his season averages of 16.1 points and 8.8 boards, which are a lot more solid than I assumed.

Anyway, I didn't plan on an all-star game MVP post, but I had a question to ask.  Did Butch get anything from Dar Tucker for being dunked over Friday night?  It was amazing, but had he not earned the MVP today, that'd be kind of not cool to be remembered for.  I remember fellow D-Leaguer/big tall white guy Paul Davis apparently got a decent sum of money for being dunked on by Dwyane Wade in this commercial.  Kind of similar, no?

Here's the full box score