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Kevin Pittsnogle, We Will Miss You

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Kevin Pittsnogle showing Reece Gaines that <a href="" target="new">the defense is the backbone.</a>
Kevin Pittsnogle showing Reece Gaines that the defense is the backbone.

In yesterday's news, I somehow neglected to share the most important transaction of the day : The Albuquerque Thunderbirds waived "waived Kevin Pittsnogle for personal reasons."

Pittsnogle leaves the team with season averages of 11.8 points and 5.4 rebounds per game.

Albuquerque coach John Coffino had the following to say on the move, according to the press release:

"We are all sad to see Kevin leave our organization, but we understand that his personal life is paramount being the family man that he is.

(Archived highlights of Pittsnogle's best D-League game of the season)

While I don't really have behind the scene's input on this move, I can tell you that Pittsnogle has deleted his facebook account, where he'd occasionally vent about the things that I'd assume led to his leaving the team and moving back to West Virginia.

Since Pittsnogle more than likely was not headed back to the NBA any time soon (I detailed his best D-League game of the season here), this is probably the best move for Pittsnogle.  He'll now be able to stay at home, close to his family and probably even get paid a bit better if he resumes his career as a middle school teacher.

Happy trails, Kevin Pittsnogle.