Who would you call-up to the New Jersey Nets?

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Nets fan here. We should have signed Anthony Tolliver. The Nets have an open roster spot and are looking for talent at any position. Who would you recommend?

I’ve recommended three call-ups: Mustafa Shakur, Mike Harris, and Dwayne Jones.

I’ve also recommended getting rid of deadwood expiring contracts such as Tony Battie, Jarvis Hayes, and Josh Boone.

Harris and Jones will add rebounding and toughness next to Brook Lopez that the Nets need. Shakur can form an active backcourt with rookie Terrence Williams. Why is a guy like Shakur not being given a chance? If successful, these guys could stick next year as backups.

Do the Nets have anyone scouting D-League for the next Mikki Moore or Jamie Feick or Chris Childs? Could you tell them to call up SOMEBODY? Help us, D-League!

The Nets' strategy is to get the #1 pick and sign PG John Wall, sign free agent SF LeBron James, sign free agent PF Chris Bosh, add the Dallas #1, add their #2 that's at the top of that round, and that's a pretty strong team. There's a place on that team for a rebounding Dwayne Jones, a Mike Harris, or a Mustafa Shakur as reserves. Why not try them out now?

PG Devin Harris is playing hurt, and PG Keyon Dooling has been hurt all season. Why not bring up a Shakur or Curtis Stinson?

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