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Last Night in the D-League, Starring NBA-Ready Big Men

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Why am I the only one who put <a href="">Courtney Sims</a> in the call-up rankings?
Why am I the only one who put Courtney Sims in the call-up rankings?

Reno Bighorns 94, Fort Wayne Mad Ants 90 (Box Score)

  • Reno started off this game playing really disjointedly, turning it over on their first two positions and not hitting many shots, but they regrouped thanks to some excellent defense, and finally took over in the second half.
  • Rod Benson had a terrific game.  18 points on 7-9 shooting and 15 rebounds, as well as pretty much textbook post defense against Jared Reiner, Rob Kurz and Sean Sonderleiter.  Reiner was held to 1-12 shooting, Sonderleiter attempted just two field goals and Kurz struggled when matched up against Boom Tho (Kurz finished with decent numbers, 19 and 12, but a lot of that came against Cezary Trybanski).
  • Ron Howard had an excellent first half before almost disappearing in the second.  21 points overall, but 15 of those game in the first half, but he also had eight boards and played lock-down defense on Desmon Farmer.
  • Dan Dickau came off the bench in this game but ran the offense down the stretch.  That was somewhat surprising to me as he threw the ball away and lost his dribble several times, and generally looked like he wasn't entirely in tune with the offensive system.  I'm sure that will change with a few more games and practices under his belt, but it was a bit curious last night.
  • Joe Alexander and Yaroslav Korolev guarded each other for large stretches of the game.  I wonder if it was like looking into a weird, athletic mirror.

Iowa Energy 112, Los Angeles D-Fenders 95 (Box Score)

  • I have less to say about this game because Futurecast only seemed to be working for the fourth quarter, but Courtney Sims seemed to be doing whatever he wanted on the offensive end.  He finished with 30 points on 19 shots along with 12 rebounds and four blocks, and Michael Fey had a hard time keeping up with him for the six or so minutes he played in the final quarter.
  • Mark Tyndale looked like he was playing very well off the bench.  16 points on 6-8 shooting, and he was playing with a lot of energy (no pun intended) and getting up the court on fast breaks.
  • Michael Fey must have played well early on, because he had 22 points and seven boards, but when I was watching he wasn't doing much except watching Sims blow by him.
  • I still don't love LA's three guard starting lineup.  Maybe I'm just waiting for them all to play well together at the same time.
  • Warriors coach Don Nelson was in attendance for this game.  He may have just been waiting for his game against the Lakers to start rather than scouting, but how many NBA coaches would do the same?