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D-League Dunk Contest & Stuff Preview

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Last year, the D-League Dunk Contest was arguably better than the NBA's version.  If you don't believe me, check this FIRST-ROUND dunk out from James White:

Well, it's back again, starting NOW! and being streamed live here.

If you want, I'll try to liveblog here as well.

Mike Gansey's picks can be seen here.

After the jump, I'll present you video of mine and Jon's favorites for the dunk and 3-point contest!


2009 NCAA Dunk Contest Champion Tony Danridge (via jw2000) is both of our picks for the dunk contest.  Mike Gansey picked Dar Tucker, who can be seen dunking here.

For the 3-point contest, I've chosen Blake Ahearn (video here) with a close second being Rob Kurz (video here).  Jon L chose Andre Ingram, who's good at shooting, but not good at getting it on video.  Sowwy.  Mike Gansey picked Rob Kurz as well.

For the Haier Shooting Stars, I'll side with Jon L and pick Reggie Williams.  Mike Gansey picked Pat Carroll.  None of us know what this is.