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Tyrese Rice Signs In Germany With The Artland Dragons

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Tyrese Rice, a 6-foot-1 guard out of Boston College, has signed with the Artland Dragons in Germany according to the team's official website.

After having a decent season in Greece last season, Rice played for both the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings' Summer League entries.

With the Jazz in Orlando, Rice averaged 6.0 points and 2.3 assists while shooting 47% from the field in right around 14 minutes of action.  The following week with the Kings, Rice averaged 6.4 points, 2.6 assists and a steal, but shot a disappointing 40% from the field while averaging just under 18 minutes of playing time.

Rice showed a knack for delivering highlight reel passes on the Summer League circuit, but unless he's able to relearn a jump shot (not that it doesn't work, but more conventional form would probably help his consistency) he'll have trouble becoming more than a fast, flashy point guard without a consistent jumper.  He might also benefit from looking for his own opportunities at the rim instead of trying to dish it - Rice never would have been accused of being too unselfish in college, but there were points in Vegas where he could have helped himself had he simply taken it to the rim and finished himself.

On defense, Rice is pesky but ultimately didn't show what he needed to in the Summer League.  He was handsy (which isn't necessarily a positive - or negative - term), but most point guards he defended were all able to blow past him on their way to the hoop due to  Rice's poor speed while changing directions.

If nothing else, the Kings' Summer League roster has been able to have quick success in signing overseas as Rice, Sylven Landesberg, Devan Downey and Wayne Chism have all signed to play in Europe next season.

Rice becomes the second Kings point guard to sign overseas following their acquisition of Pooh Jeter, a more experienced guard that player for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Summer League team in Vegas.