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Orlando Summer League Day 5 Preview

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Eight games total today, four to wrap up the Orlando league and four to open up the Vegas group.  I decided to separate the previews in case folks care about one league and not the other.  And because I write too many words as it is without trying to cram thoughts about eight games into one posts.  Anyway, the trend from yesterday should continue with those veterans that don't need to keep playing and risk injury sitting out (hi, James Harden), with some rookies and free agents getting the bulk of the playing time (what's good, Nate Jawai?).

The majority (if not all) of these games will be shown on NBA TV, and those that don't have access to NBA TV can watch all of the Summer League games online for $14.95 either live or on demand.  The "what to watch for" notes are after the jump (all times are Eastern).

8 a.m. (No, Really) - Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Indiana Pacers

Thunder Free Agent to Watch: Marcus Lewis

Second time's the charm?  Lewis should get a little more playing time today, and perhaps he'll make better use of it than committing four fouls in less than 12 minutes (as he did in game 4).  He's been rebounding pretty well, but has yet to attempt a field goal let alone score a point.  WILL HE DO IT?  Watch and find out!

Pacers Free Agent to Watch: Thomas Heurtel

After a decent showing in the first game, Heurtel has fallen off a bit, with a combined 4-13 shooting, four assists and two turnovers since.  I'd expect Lance Stephenson's minutes to be limited after he suffered a minor leg injury yesterday, if he doesn't sit entirely, so Heurtel should get a longer look at PG.  It's up to him at this point whether he's worthy of an investment or if he goes back to France.

10 a.m. - Philadelphia 76ers vs. Utah Jazz

76ers Free Agent to Watch: Ndudi Ebi

Surprise!  After racking up three DNPs, I had assumed Ebi hadn't actually made it to Orlando.  Either he did and the 76ers didn't care, or he just got there yesterday.  Either way, in his first Summer League action Ebi scored 14 points and grabbed five boards in 22 minutes, including shooting 3-4 on three-pointers.  He's probably headed back to Europe when Summer League ends, but with another solid performance he could conceivably get a training camp invite.

Jazz Free Agent to Watch: Tyrese Rice

I'm not Rice's biggest fan, but in the two games he's played he's been pretty productive, with 12 points on five shots against Charlotte and four assists in 12 minutes last night being highlights.  Although, it should he said that he seems to be either distributing the ball, or scoring, but not both; he had no assists in that 12 points game and both of his shots were blocked yesterday.  So, he's looking to put it all together.  Plus, Michael Bourn Levin loooooooooooves him.

12 p.m. - New Jersey Nets vs. Boston Celtics

Nets Free Agent to Watch: Connor Atchley

Atchley has had a rough week, with a 3-10 shooting effort against the 76ers' team and getting pushed around a bit by Utah's Kosta Koufos yesterday.  Atchley has talent, can hit midrange jumpers and rebound a little bit and potentially has a future as an "energy" guy off the bench.  He probably needs another year or so of work on his post fame, but he gets another shot today to show he's worth investing in.

Celtics Free Agent to Watch: DeShawn Sims

Consistency has been an issue for Sims this week; he's been able to show off his versatility in playing on the wing after being a center in college, and he's had brilliant moments and/or games, but he'll need to show that he can hang in there when his shot's not falling or he's potentially over-matched and still produce.  Of course, he's also on the Dallas team and they're playing in Vegas this afternoon, so he may already have left.  Tune in to find out!

2 p.m. - Charlotte Bobcats vs. Orlando Magic

Bobcats Free Agent to Watch: Nathan Jawai

That's right, this is happening.  While we're not totally crazy about Jawai here at RU, largely due to his attitude about playing in the D-League, the guy is undeniably talented.  He has some decent post moves and good hands, for instance.  He's struggled with some health and conditioning issues in his career, though, and perhaps because of those his defense and boxing out skills are a bit lacking (you can't just push a guy with your arms, Nathan).  I don't know what will happen to Jawai if he doesn't make an NBA roster this year, but in the right situation with the right program it's possible he could start fulfilling his potential.

Magic Free Agent to Watch: Curtis Stinson

We haven't talked about Stinson much this week, partially because he hasn't done much.  His best outing has been a four points, seven assist, four rebound affair against the Nets.  Other than that his scoring has stayed the same with the rest of his stats going down.  He's been one of the best point guards in the D-League for the past few years, though, and there's a good performance in there somewhere.  It could come here, as the Bobcats don't have many point guards to challenge him.