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Ridiculous Upside Ridiculous Update: Re: Me.

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This has nothing to do with anything regarding NBA prospects, more just an update on myself and an upcoming changing of the guard.  For that reason, I've put everything after the jump.  In short - I have a new title, meaning I have to be more careful than I was going to have to be when I first started with the Dakota Wizards.

Last week Mike Offerdahl, the Dakota Wizards PR guy, took a job with the local university.  Myself, your wonderful leader, well...  I've been tabbed to take his place.  What's this mean?  Who knows.  It will mean that my blogging about the D-League will have to cut back even more than I originally planned.  I now am privy to inside D-League information that nobody else can know except those that tell me, so don't even think about asking me, because I can't tell you.

Instead, ask Jon L and the Iceman.  The Bat Phone that I picked up all of my information from is currently in Mario's Magic Shop, being split into two so that half of it can be sent to jubilant Jon L in Austin with the other half going to the best blogger named Aisander in North America, aka IcemanCometh.  Post-Summer League, they'll be the guys covering the in's, out's, over's, and under's of the D-League (except when I step in and tell them to stop bashing the Wizards).

See, with a (now) three person staff in Dakota, my blog updating just won't be able to happen as often and Jon L and the Iceman are more than capable of holding the fort down.  I'll keep blogging upto, and hopefully, when time allows, through, Summer League, but after that, who knows...  

There is precedent cases in the D-League you can compare this to:  I could promise that I'd blog everyday like Fort Wayne's Garrett Martz did and then break that promise, but I hate breaking promises, so I won't do that.  I could blog once in awhile, have a baby and not blog for years, and then pop back up without mention like nothing happened, but Jeff Potter already did that (Congrats, sir).  I could go the Alex del Barrio of RGV route, where half my posts will be awesome and half press releases, but ADB is seemingly to continue holding that down.  I could even go the Scott Roth route and just do sporadic video podcasts, but for those of you that aren't aware, I write much better than I look (and my writing isn't great).  

Therefore, I plan to be the mostly-mute overseer of the blog, contributing when able to do so in a manner that will please the courts (and Dan Reed, Joanna Shapiro, Wizards' ownership, my PR brethren (and sistren?), et. al)  It won't be breaking news, it won't be controversial, it'll just be me doin' me, hopefully interacting with all of you, because that's what the SB Nation is all about.

I'll be here to to bridge the transition for the next month while Jon L and the Iceman get their feet wet in these rigid waters, because as Garth Brooks once said, "Like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky!"  

Still they may need some help, so if anyone lives in a D-League city and wants to start contributing to the Ridiculousness, shoot me an E-Mail  - in my profile here.