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Sunday Mini-Bullets

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There are a few news stories of interest, none of which really warrants its own post (not yet anyway in a few cases), so I thought I'd present them all in a Sunday mini-bullets format.  Enjoy.

  • Remember Jeremy Tyler?  Well according to FanHouse's Tom Ziller, Tyler's headed for Slovenia.  With no offense to the people of that country - did you know that its economy developed faster than most post-communist eastern European nations? - I can't imagine this is what Tyler had in mind when he dropped out of high school to challenge the NBA.  Contained in that Ziller post is the opinion of DraftExpress's Jonathan Givony that Tyler will be back in the U.S. within six months, and perhaps even in the D-League.  Now where have we heard that suggestion before...
  • In addition to Dee Brown being the head coach, the Springfield Armor have hired Kevin Whitted as an assistant.  Whitted was an assistant last year in Fort Wayne, and before that was a head coach and GM in the ABA and PBL.  So I guess there's already a built-in rivalry with Bakersfield.
  • Hey, speaking of Tom Ziller, in his other gig (or one of them, anyway) at Sactown Royalty he asks the excellent question "Can the Kings use the D-League Effectively?"  His answer: Reno may be seeing more of Donte Green.
  • Finally, I'll have more on this in the next transactions report, you know, five days from now, but the LA Clippers have apparently released D-League success story Mike Taylor.  Not that Taylor hasn't already shown he can play in the NBA, but couldn't the Clippers, you know, just have assigned him to Jam this year if they thought he needed work?  Bakersfield and the Clippers seem made for each other.