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Nets' Terrence Williams: Better off in the D-League?

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From NetsAreScorching's Sebastian Pruiti:

If Terrence Williams reacts positively to the send down, he will be greeted with minutes, and a lot of them. Terrence Williams will be getting game time experience where he will be able to learn the speed of the game. He will also be able to work on his shot down there, since he should be able to use the call-down as a chance to work on his weaknesses during in game situations.

In addition to the minutes, Terrence Williams will most likely get sent down to one of the better teachers in the D-League, Dee Brown. I was able to talk to Dee Brown before the season started and we talked about how his experiences as a player and as the owner of EDGE basketball will help him in the D-League.

He also runs through to possible negatives, such as the Sean Williams in Colorado fiasco, among other things, so go check it out.

Essentially, if I'm the Nets (Note: I'm not the Nets), I'd get him as many minutes as possible in the NBA. Since Kiki apparently isn't keen to do that at the time, a JamesOn Curry-Williams-Morris Almond uniting in the Springfield Armor's backcourt could be a fun-to-watch mishmash of talent with 'tude.

What do you think?