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Maine Red Claws = Good, AKA Last Night in the D-League

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For starters, here are some highlights from the first game.  Notice Bob MacKinnon shaking hands on the way out after picking up his second technical foul. Class.

Maine Red Claws 133, Idaho Stampede 115 (Box Score)

  • Maine got solid contributions from their entire (six-man) rotation.  I'm going to credit this to the Randy Livingston Back in Idaho factor.  Karma, people.
  • Will Blalock had his second double-double in the last three games.  Blalock also picked up his second double-double of the season, so things are obviously looking up for the former NBAer, now D-Leaguer recovering from a stroke.  Unlike his last double-double, he didn't take an absurd amount of 3's (1-for-4 from beyond the arc last night).  Like his last double-double, he got everyone involved.  Oh, he finished with 15 points, 12 assists and three turnovers.
  • TONY BOBBITT had another career game.  I told Jon awhile ago that he doesn't suck, and like usual, I was right.  6-of-11 from beyond the arc, SEVEN steals, 31 points.  J.R. Giddens who?
  • Speaking of Giddens, he's out with a knee injury until Saturday. If not Saturday, soon, according to his twitter.
  • Alexis Ajinca had 25 points, 16 boards and four blocks.  This man has been on a tear as of late.  If he wasn't already in the NBA, I'd put him at the top of our call-up rankings.  Especially because he does it in limited minutes due to constant foul trouble.
  • Trey Gilder had 22 points and 10 boards.  His defense wasn't up to par, but at least his offense is where I'd like it.
  • Noel Felix and Darnell Lazare combined for 34 points and 17 boards.  I feel like they should be combined into one player all the time.  Both Noel Lazare and Darnell Felix sound cool, so I don't care who takes who's last name.
  • Idaho shot 41-of-98 from the field, had all three of their big men foul out and even jolly ol' Lance Allred got a technical foul.  This is why they lost.
  • Bryson McKenzie, according to the box score, was Idaho's best big man with nine points and 11 boards.  Yikez.
  • Coby Karl had 23 points, six assists; Donell Taylor had 23 points, six boards, four assists; Mildon Ambres had 27 points and five boards.  Suffice to say, this game was a perfect shootout for MacKinnon's offense, if only he had JOSH DAVIS111!!!!

Erie BayHawks 95, Springfield Armor 94

  • Here's a text I received last night: "Giving up an 8-0 run in last 1:50 to lose game ... And 0 field goals in last 5 minutes ... Is Dee Brown first DLeague coach to get fired this season?" I'm going to go with no comment, but Will Voigt may have something to say about that.
  • I did quite enjoy that first move from Alade Aminu.  Whoever said the Nets should call him up, I'll counter with a "yes, the effing should."  I'm not sure if that's a counter.
  • I had no real interest in this game with Cedric Jackson gone (Sorry, BayHawks fans). Go check out Matt Hubert's recap if you did.