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2010 NBA D-League Showcase: Day One in Review

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Well, my first day, I wasn't able to blog like I would've liked, mostly due to the fact that I had to go charge my computer nearly every half because my table didn't have a power strip.  So, if you would've liked to see more of my day one musings, check us out on Twitter @RidiculousUpside. (I've never figured out if that @ can acually mean "at", or do I have to say at @ridiculousupside?  Fill me in)

Anyway, if I were to put together an All-D-League-First-Day team, it'd look like this:

PG - Cheyne Gadson.  He's not NBA talent, unfortunately, but he played well for Dakota as a point guard off the bench.  I've never been impressed by Gadson, but he really played well for the Wizards in just his second game after being claimed off the free agent wire.  With David Bell injured, Gadson came in off the bench and actually took over the game.  21 points, 8 assists and four turnovers on 9-of-21 shooting may not sound great, but his passing acumen was outstanding.  He also, as I tweeted so eloquently, " can shake and bake with the best of them. (Best with Shake n Bake? My mom)".

SG - Carlos Powell.  Powell's been playing a lot at the 2 as of late and playing well.  20 points, 5 boards, 5 assists, 4 steals and shot 8-of-17 from the field.  As the great Rick Kamla might say, he's 6'9", he's left handed, heshshehshehshee needs to play professional basketball in America.  He said that about Sun Yue, and Powell's only 6'7, but the rest is true.  He's call-up worthy.

SF - Morris Almond.  Partially because there wasn't another worthy small forward, partially because he dominates the game of basketball.  If I were in the business of calling players up, I'd have a tough time choosing between Almond and Powell right now.  Powell has a more rounded out game, but Almond's definitely one of the great scorers in the D-League.  Tonight was no exception, as Almond dominated the scoring in the nightcap, finishing with 31 points on 17 shots and contributed eight boards.  Not bad.

PF - Diamon Simpson. I'm trying to talk myself into loving Simpson as an NBA player and I'm almost there.  He's only 6'7" and not exactly beefy, but the guy has the motor to make it.  The problem is, he sometimes seem to forget he's playing basketball.  Still, he'll hustle like crazy, work hard on defense and do the little things that help teams win.  He's not a stud by any means, but his 22 point, 14 board, 4 block performance this afternoon made me think an NBA team would be wise to take a flyer on him later in the year, put him on their Summer League team and run with him next season.

C - Anthony Tolliver.  He's not a center, but the box score says he is and no center was worthy, so I'm rolling with it.  Tolliver is just impossible to be defended by the D-League big men.  He's too quick to be defended on the perimeter by the big guys and can get buckets in the post, once again, because they're a bit too slow.  I don't want to pick on Marcus Campbell or Kentrell Gransberry, but you have to put a quick, legit big man on Tolliver in the D-League.  Unfortunately, quick and legit big men don't exist in the D-League.  Tolliver finished his night with 24 points, shooting 5-of-10 from beyond the arc.  He also grabbed nine boards, but turned it over five times.  He won't be in the D-League long, whether it be the NBA or overseas, because everyone I talk to that hasn't been following the D-League is verry impressed.

6th Man - Maurice Baker.  He just shows up for the D-League Showcase, apparently.  Today, the Wizards needed him to move over to the 2, though he started at point, which isn't his typical position.  He dominated, scoring 29, grabbing 12 boards, swiping three steals and turning the ball over just once.  If scouts were seeing him for the first time (at age 30, that'd be odd, but still) and disappointed he's not a point guard, he is.  But he can score as well.

After the jump, I've included some of my best tweets and other random musings for your enjoyment.  Most aren't about basketball.

  • Rio Grande Valley's chemistry is off. A lot.  I've deducted when Albuquerque traded Will Conroy's right it was addition by subtraction before addition.  I'm sure of you math majors will be able to figure that out.
  • There are a lot of foreign scouts and GM's in attendance.  I'm planning on talking to them to see if they're more scouting for next year or buying them out of their current contracts.
  • Anthony Tolliver is good at shooting.
  • The Idaho Stampede dance team's hot. Might just be the white go-go boots and black booty shorts, but if they wanted to hang at Super 8 tonite..  [after an outfit change] Stampede dancers are decidedly less hot with this new outfit. Shux.
  • Desmon Farmer just yelled the 2nd loudest "F***" of the day. He also had the first.
  • I was told my blogging is too cynical.  I knew that.
  • Sitting up here next to Nancy Lieberman, I think I found out who the D-League Logo is. Her. I came to this conclusion after being reminded of this.
  • With this sweet media credential, I get access to free food.  I like this a lot, because it was actually good. I want to be media when I grow up.
  • I need to shave for tomorrow.  If I'm going to get a job, I should look professional.  Or have a legit beard like Reno's Doug Thomas.  I think those are my only two options.
  • Rod Benson asked if I got my shoes at Bass Pro Shop.  This hurt my feelings.  I'm wearing new shoes tomorrow.
  • Mario West plays the point guard.  If he can do that, that's great.  I'm not convinced he can't.
  • Without the crowd, it's tough to tell good games.  Two games went to overtime, one to double.  I'm convinced D-League teams should travel cheerleaders.
  • There were only six fans here for the night game (Boise State Bowl Game) and one lady awkwardly chanted E-Man a lot.  I don't know what it means.
  • Maine is not owned by the Boston Celtics.