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Deron Washington Could Miss D-League Dunk Contest?!

After Deron Washington's impressive return to Los Angeles on Monday, I wanted to catch up with him and ask him about his plans for All-Star weekend, including his participation in the dunk contest. His answer surprised me.

"I'd say right now, there's a slim chance I'm going to participate," Washington admitted. "I hurt my foot in Utah, and then hurt it again in Bakersfield. I'm trying to let it rest as much as I can, and I'll decide after the game Wednesday (in Los Angeles) if I'll be able to be in the dunk contest."

-That's the report from 66ers Nation's Kevin Henry.  Go read the rest and then bookmark 66ers Nation because Henry's great and deserves the extra eyes on one of the best team blogs in the D-League! (Yes, there's more than one - Matt Hubert's great over at Blogtalk BayHawk as well)

If Deron Washington is out, I'll be heartbroken.  Why? Just yesterday, I wrote this:

Deron Washington with an afro is the reason he's winning Friday night's D-League dunk contest. Also, I'm really intrigued by him playing in the post (without Chris Richard and a newly acquired Rodney Webb who isn't all that good, they're bigman starved). His athleticism isn't as useful down in the low block, but he showed a nice little drop step that could be useful in a pinch. Anyway, Washington finished with 16 points, eight boards, four assists and three steals off the bench, leaving me rather impressed.

Then today, I requested an interview from him regarding the dunk contest, because I was fairly certain he was going to win.

If Bill Walker and Washington are both out, I'm really intrigued to see who the D-League names to take their place.  Who's available? My original lists of candidates can be seen here.  From that, I'll nominate Frank Robinson and Joe Alexander.

Who do you think should replace them?