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Call-Up Report! 3/8 - 3/14

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Sorry for disappearing there for a few days, everyone.  I had a succession of relatives and friends come into town (okay, one relative and one friend) and couldn't catch many D-League games.  But!  I'm back now and here to report on how all of those D-League call-ups are doing in the NBA.  The bottom line: pretty well.

Reggie Williams, Golden State Warriors - As Scott already has written, Williams has been making the most of his NBA opportunity.  There was that 28 point, six assist game of course, but he also had 14 points on seven shots against Portland and 12 points on six shots against Toronto.  The fact that his incredible scoring efficiency is translating to the NBA is great to see.

Anthony Tolliver, Golden State Warriors - Tolliver's best game this week was a 14 points, 11 board performance against the Blazers (six of those rebounds were offensive), but he also had five rebounds in 25 minutes against the Hornets.

Chris Hunter, Golden State Warriors -  Yes, Virginia, there is defense in Golden State.  Chris Hunter's hallmark as a call-up this season has been his D, and he was solid this week against Juwan Howard (yeah, it's Juwan Howard, but still), Andrea Bargnani and Chris Bosh.

Cedric Jackson, San Antonio Spurs - Cedric Jackson has only played in blowouts so far, but he's showed off a nice combination of skills.  Jackson had four assists, three steals and two blocks in a little less than 15 minutes against the Clippers, and grabbed three rebounds in less than nine minutes against Minnesota.  He's missed some shots, but the Spurs don't really need him to score.

Alonzo GeeWashington Wizards - Gee has been providing energy off the bench, and also dunks.  The Wizards haven't been all that competitive in March so far, so Gee mostly has been playing when the game outcome is already decided.  Maybe this week he'll show off that well-rounded game he talked about in this interview.

Othyus JeffersUtah Jazz - Jeffers managed to grab three rebounds in just over two minutes against the Bulls, although he hasn't played much since.  Sundiata Gaines hasn't played a whole lot either.  Thumbs down, Jerry Sloan.

Others in brief: Jawad Williams had 13 points and five boards against the Spurs; Malik Hairston has seen his playing time increase for the Spurs (including 28 minutes with 6-8 shooting against the Clippers), and Gregg Popovich seems to be pleased; Former D-Leaguer Shaun Livingston has been up and down for the Wizards, but Flip Saunders seems to be gaining confidence in his play.