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Rio Grande Valley Vipers Headed To D-League Finals After Classic Semifinal Series

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Yesterday, Fanhouse's Matt Moore proclaimed last night's game 3 matchup between the Austin Toros and Rio Grande Valley Vipers "the biggest game in NBA D-League history."

I don't know about it being the biggest game in D-League history - I'd actually give that honor to the win-or-go-home single-elimination championship between the Dakota Wizards and Colorado 14ers for the 2006-07 D-League championship - but it certainly may have been the conclusion to the best series in D-League history.

Why? Well, it was just really good.  Great coaching, great NBA talent in the starting lineups and quintessential minor league players filling out the rotations is typically going to have that affect, I guess, and I think the NBAesque commentating actually put it over the top.  The work of Alex Del Barrio and Jonah Goldberg for the second and third game gave the series an NBA feel - and even the NBA Twitter world took notice (here, here, and here).

Jon L recapped it pretty well last night and for the entirety of our D-League Playoff coverage, check here.

We'll have predictions, matchups, interviews and all sorts of other great D-League Finals coverage coming before the games between the Houston Rockets' Vipers and the Oklahoma City Thunder's Tulsa 66ers start (preliminary dates are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday according to David Hinojosa), but until we can get that all put together, I've added highlights from the rest of series after the jump - Enjoy!


Game One Recap

Game Two Recap