Coach Mac and Stamps say "Adios"

Bummed, but not surprised by this. Some pretty strong personalities out in the high and you can do what you want...finish out of the playoffs and there are a lot more constraints.

Loved Coach Mac because he let his players play, he let them get their "stats" in the flow of the game, brought in some real talent, and always was a stand-up guy.

On the other hand, not a lot of discipline or defense which makes life at crunch time oh-so-tough. Seemed to have lost his passion with the first rough patch and he, nor the team never really recovered.

In the end, it was probably too much of Coach MacKinnon living in the past with his memories of a close to perfect situation of the right players, right system, minimal injuries/call ups and a non-existent ownership group in Colorado and Stamps management living in the past with their memories of the business/sales/front office dynamo Bryan Gates and a floor general in Randy Livingston who made damn sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to do when the game was on the line. Being wistful for the "good ol' days" is a recipe for divorce almost everytime.

Regardless, good luck Mac...

Now what do the Stampede do with coaching search redux?

In mini-hibernation, Rumble

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