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If you thought I was referencing Eminem, you were dead wrong. Scotty boy asked me a while back to introduce myself, so that's what this little post is about. I'm Mike and if you're looking for Randy Livingston news, please scroll down now. I'm here (on seasonal basis I believe) for RU's Draft Coverage because I eat, sleep, and poop NBA Draft and college basketball, usually at the same time. I'd link you to a picture but I don't want to be too graphic the first time here.

I've been a commenter and stalker here for about a year now, ever since Scott recruited me after reading about my love for Gerry McNamara (and it is marriage love, people, not any of this new-age partner crap) (that was a joke) (I have nothing against people who aren't married) (I'm not married) (Ladies?). Anyway I'm a junior in college originally from Philly and I also write at Liberty Ballers, SBNation's 76ers blog and soon to be pre-eminent source for John Wall information. Head over there if you want to see how a franchise is poorly constructed or for more of my poor, eclectic writing.

What I can do for YOU as reader(s) of Ridiculous Upside is recall collegiate players from 4-5 years back that you forgot existed, but still haunt your dreams (Carl Krauser you're a bad, bad man) and take you out for a nice steak dinner if you're in the New York area this summer and want to play a game of "Meet your Blogger," not to be confused with "Meet your Frogger," where we will invariably get hit by a car. I'm also interning in Times Square so if you feel like making a car bomb that freaks everybody out, my hours are 10-6. Hooray terrorism!

Anyway that's me in a nutshell. Or a blog post. I think I'll be starting a daily-ish post about some dudes to look out for come Draft Night, so leave some suggestions if there are guys you want to hear more about, but the man keeps shutting you down. Also, follow me on Twitter (@TAFKAMikeBourn) because Scott's mad that I don't have enough followers to attract an audience at RU. And because I want to be a big hit here, I'll leave you guys with something to ponder.