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Marcus Johnson of USC Signs in Croatia

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Here's a guy that should be in the D-League. Instead, he's heading to the Turkish Airlines Euroleague to play for Cibona and eat white meat all the time after playing for the Phoenix Suns in Vegas.  His defense is NBA level, but the rest of his game does not match up. I spoke about him at length at SB Nation's Conquest Chronicles before the draft. Here's a bit:

Marcus Johnson, on the other hand, I hate. He's been in college for about 87 years and I haven't seen any improvement in his game. He shot sub-40% as a 6th year senior in the unconsciously weak Pac-10 and racked up almost 3 turnovers per game basically from the power forward position. I'd say D-League for [Dwight] Lewis and overseas for Johnson, but that's just a hunch. 

If he turns himself into an effective George Lynch, i.e. better rebounding and limited shots/turnovers, he can sneak on an NBA team somewhere. Going to Europe isn't the best option for the kid's future, but if he's loves Croatian culture, congrats bro.