No NBA? No Problem! D-League Fantasy Basketball is here!

Come add your name to the sign up list and start doing your research!

Draft date TBD!


  • This can be changed to whatever scoring system your league would like.
    Points - 1
    Defensive Rebound - 1
    Offensive Rebound - 2
    Assist - 1
    Steal - 1
    Block - 1
    Turnover - (.5)


  • Contact the owner of another team and work out a trade. 
  • You must trade position for position:
    C for C, 
    PG for PG,
    SF for SF
  • Then leave the details in the comment box.
  • There will be a trade deadline but no max # of trades, unless otherwise agreed upon by the league

Free Agents work the same way trades do. 

  • You must drop a PG for a PG and a PF for a PF.
  • Leave a comment to request a move and it will be done ASAP.
  • There will be a deadline to make a move and a max # of moves allowed(does not include trades), but once again as per league agreement.

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