2011 NBA Mock Draft: It Goes Irving, Williams, and...Huh?

This is a mock draft of the 1st round of the 2011 NBA draft.  Some of the picks don't match up with other mocks you have seen, but remember the draft is too unpredictable.  Just try to follow my reasoning.  Oh, and there are no trades here.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving PG Duke.  6'3" 191

Despite missing much of his only collegiate season due to injury, Irving's combo of size, athleticism, and shooting is dangerously good.  And the Cavs might feel that they had seen enough in the limited games Irving played at Duke.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

Derrick Williams PF Arizona.  6'9" 248

The Wolves' biggest need currently is a Center, to allow Kevin Love to play PF.  But they resist the urge to pick for need, and instead pick the best player on the board.  Williams was a monster last season for Arizona, scoring inside and out.

3. Utah Jazz

Alec Burks G Colorado.  6'6" 192 

I honestly don't understand why his stock isn't higher.  He has superb measureables at 6'6" for a combo guard.  He has the elite athleticism that NBA teams covet.  And he already has shown that he can score at will against worthy opponents (20+ ppg in college).  The Jazz are happy with Devin Harris at the point, and give him a partner in the backcourt.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

Enes Kanter PF/C Kentucky. 6'11" 259

The Cavs take a slight gamble on a player who didn't play in college, but starred internationally as a young gun.  A turkish 19 year old, with elite size and loads of potential is what the Cavs would be getting.



5. Toronto Raptors

Bismack Biyombo C/PF Congo.  6'9" 240 

Despite not having ideal height for an NBA center, Biyombo has more than adequate length.  The guy has a ridiculous wingspan that allows him to dominate the boards and block shots.  If he can quickly develop an offensive game, he could be starting alongside Bargnani (who needs to move back to PF full time) by his second season.


6. Washington Wizards

Jan Vesely F Czech.  6'11" 230

The Wizards have a PG in Wall, and a C in McGee.  They even have young 2-guards in Nick Young and Jordan Crawford, who both could emerge.  What they need is a forward, and Vesely is a talented combo forward with legit athleticism.


7. Sacramento Kings

Brandon Knight PG/SG Kentucky.  6'3" 176

The Kings know that Tyreke Evans can't reach his full potential without help in the backcourt.  Knight can allow Evans to play SG full time, and also stretch the floor with 3's (38% at Kentucky) and give Evans more space to drive to the basket.

8. Detroit Pistons

Jonas Valanciunas C Lithuania.  6'11" 240

The Pistons would be thrilled to get a young Center prospect to grow alongside Greg Monroe.  Valanciunas is a low-post banger with loads of potential.


9. Charlotte Bobcats

Kawhi Leonard SF San Diego State.  6'7" 227

Leonard is a similar player to what the Bobcats had in Gerald Wallace.  They decided to trade him, and would like the possibilty of ending up with a younger version of him.  Leonard will be the starting SF for the Cats as soon as Stephen Jackson finds his way out.


10. Milwaukee Bucks

Klay Thompson SG Washington St.  6'7" 205

The Bucks were last in the league in both scoring and FG%.  Thompson was one of the top scorers in the nation and has a rare ability to stroke it from 3-pt range.  He would be an instant plug-in spark off the bench for them, and by his 2nd or 3rd season would be the backcourt buddy of Brandon Jennings.


11. Golden State Warriors

Jordan Hamilton SG/SF Texas. 6'8" 228

Hamilton is a big wing player, who has proven that he can both score and rebound.  The Warriors could use another 2/3 player, especially if they do decide to move Monta Ellis in the near future.  Dorrell Wright and Hamilton could share the 2/3 spots with Steph Curry at the Point.


12. Utah Jazz

Donatas Motiejunas PF/C Lithuania.  7'0" 215

The Jazz already got the young guard they need, now it's time to strengthen the frontcourt.  Motiejunas will need to add strength to his thin frame, but he already has the skills and talents.


13. Pheonix Suns

Darius Morris PG/SG Michigan.  6'5" 190

What the Suns do with this pick depends largely on whether or not they expect to retain Aaron Brooks (Restricted FA).  But even if they will match any offer for him, this still could be the pick because Morris and Brooks could play together considering Morris' SG-type frame.


14. Houston Rockets

Tyler Honeycutt SG/SF UCLA.  6'8" 200

Honeycutt is a natural 2/3 player with a dangerously high ceiling.  He has a decent offensive game that can be improved and polished.  He is already a stud defender, leading the Pac-10 in blocks and also getting 1 steal per game.  He could be an upgrade over Chase Budinger, and a long-term replacement for Shane Battier.


15. Indiana Pacers

Tristan Thompson PF Texas.  6'8" 227

The only thing wrong with Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts right now is that they don't have really high ceilings.  Thompson is the opposite.  He lacks ideal height for a PF, but makes up for it in length, athleticism, strength, and motor.  He has an offensive game that stays within 12 feet, and if he can just improve down low, he could be a stud.

16. Philadelphia 76ers

Markeiff Morris PF Kansas.  6'9" 240

The 76ers could be trading Iguodala, meaning Thad Young would be playing more SF.  Combine with that, Elton Brand is 32 and shouldn't be around much longer.  Markieff would be a big help in the big man rotation when Brand's knees give out, or Iggy gets traded (or both).  They also look at Marcus, but Markeiff is a hair taller (1/2 inch), bigger (by 11 lbs), and is a better rebounder and shot blocker.


17.  New York Knicks

Trey Thompkins PF Georgia.  6'10" 245

In the playoff series against the Celtics, it was very clear that the Knicks needed help on the glass.  Amare can't do it alone, and Ronnie Turiaf can rebound but isn't a threat on offense.  Thompkins has an NBA-ready offensive game, and is a good rebounder (7.6 rpg) who can improve.

18. Washington Wizards

Jimmer Fredette PG/SG BYU.  6'2" 195

Fredette is the best player available to the Wizards, a team that needs some 3-pt shooting.  The Wizards were 28th in the league in 3-pointers made per game.  Fredette would be an upgrade over Mustafa Shakur as John Wall's backup, and if Wall continues to struggle with injuries, Jimmer would be playing a big role early.

19. Charlotte Bobcats

Nikola Vucevic PF/C USC.  7'0 260

The Bobcats are in a bad situation at Center.  Kwame Brown, Joel Pryzbilla, and Nazr Mohammed are all Unrestricted FAs, they they aren't very good anyways.  Vucevic could get small minutes as a rookie, and if developed properly, would be a starter down the road.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves

Nolan Smith G Duke.  6'2" 190

The Timberwolves almost certainly will make a trade on draft night to deal away either #2 or #20 or both, in order to get proven veterans.  But this mock is tradeless, so why not another PG for the Wolves?  Smith is NBA ready, and can play both guard positions.

21. Portland Trailblazers

Kenneth Faried PF Morehead State.  6'8" 225

The Trailblazers are in the position to take the best player available.  Faried is a stud rebounder who has an offensive game that is coming along.   This also makes sense because the Blazers don't have alot of promise on the frontlines.  Camby is old, Oden may never play another game as a Blazer, Earl Barron isn't a current nor future impact player.

22.  Denver Nuggets

Marcus Morris PF/SF Kansas.  6'8.5" 229

The Nuggets like the value of Morris here, and they are fortunate that he fell this far.  Morris is a tweener because he lacks the ideal height to play PF, and isn't quite quick or skilled enough to play SF.  The Nuggets know this but they see the talent and take it.


23.  Houston Rockets

Malcolm Lee PG/SG UCLA.  6'5" 190

The Rockets don't like their situation at Center, but they also might really like Malcolm Lee.  He is very long and athletic, he knows how to get to the rim and score, and is a great perimeter defender.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder

Chris Singleton SF/PF FSU.  6'9" 225

Singleton is probably the highest rated player on the Thunder's board at this point.  He is a great defender who can cover 3 positions.  That's a valuable assett in the playoffs, when your team is in 7-game series against Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dirk Nowzitki, and Carmelo Anthony.  And maybe Kevin Durant could help Chris bring his offensive game along.


25. Boston Celtics

Jordan Williams PF/C Maryland.  6'10" 247

The Celtics are outrageously old up front.  Jermaine O'Neal, Shaq, and Garnett are all at the end of their careers.  Doc Rivers knows they need to forget those past-their-time players and get younger.


26.  Dallas Mavericks

Tobias Harris SF/PF Tennessee.  6'8" 223

Harris' work ethic couldn't land him in the Top 20, but the Mavs like what this kid brings to the table.  A hard worker, who produced in college but stil has alot of potential to tap into.  And he's also versatile.


27.  New Jersey Nets

Marshon Brooks SG Providence.  6'5" 194

The Nets would be getting a proven scorer who can play alongside Deron Williams, and possibily help keep him in town long enough to get another star in free agency.


28. Chicago Bulls

Josh Selby PG/SG Kansas.  6'3" 194

The Bullss top priority is to give Rose some help in the backcourt.  They are willing to take a college underacheiver with a lot of question marks, but alot of potential, because they know that they can't win it all with Keith Bogans in the starting lineup.  Selby struggled with injuries most of the season, but was a stud in a few of the games he appeared in.  Far from a sure thing, but the risk/reward is an intrigue.


29.  San Antonio Spurs

Justin Harper PF/SF Richmond.  6'9" 228

The Spurs have an old guy starting at SF,PF, and C (Jefferson, Duncan, McDyess) so they wil probably look for a player at one of those positions.  Harper is a stretch forward with alot of range on his shot, and a good value here.


30. Chicago Bulls

Jon Leuer PF Wisconsin.  6'11" 223

Leuer was extremely productive in 4 season in Madison, despite being part of one of the NCAA's slowest paced offenses.  He has alot of range on his shot, and has a finesse post game that won't be fully effective in the NBA until he gets stronger.


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31. Miami Heat

Travis Leslie SG Georgia.  6'4" 205

Leslie is one of the most athletic players in this class.  He is a great defender, and has an offensive game that is mostly generated from driving to the basket.  Leslie has a decent outside shot that will need to imrpove since he will be playing with Wade and LeBron.  If Leslie develops as expected, the Heat would have Four consistent playmakers.

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