My 2011 Mock Draft

It may be a little late for a mock draft, but here are my thoughts of how the draft is going down (i only posted comments on the lottery picks):


  1) Cavs: Kyrie Irving

It sounds like the Cavs are uncertain who they gonna pick, him or Williams. As some articles say, there is a certain risk in picking a player who has only played in 11 NCAA games last season due to injury. From a logical standpoint, they can't go wrong either way, both players fill a need since they plan to rebuild. If they pick Williams, they will almost definately pick a PG at #4, be it Knight or Walker. I think they will go with Irving because the PG is more important in today's NBA since at least half of all teams have a solid or quality PG.

He has no real weaknesses in his game, his strengts (besides his obvious PG-skills, like great court vision or good ballhandling) are his three point shot (46 %) and his free throw shooting (90 %), plus that he gets to the line quite often (6.5 FTA)

Current draftexpress slot: # 1


2) T-Wolves: Derrick Williams

Actually, I think they won't keep him. They know he is a valuable player and they can try to get a player who fits more of a need in exchange. There are rumours about trading down to the 4 - 5 range to pick Kanter, but i doubt they want two rookies in their starting five next season. They will try to turn Williams into a proven player, maybe a SG or C.

His most obvious strength is that he can score inside and outside, with great overall shooting mechanics. He has to improve his rebounding and ball-handling on the next level though.

Current draftexpress slot: #2


3) Jazz: Brandon Knight

That's the first real question mark for me. They can also go big and give Kanter or Big V (don't wanna spell Valanciunas all the time) consideration, but both are risky picks (Kanter: hasn't played bball last season; Big V: buyout issue). If they fell in love with Kemba Walker they may as well take him over Knight if they want a proven player and leader. But that would require them to trade Devin Harris, and i don't know if they can do a deal before the draft. Knight gives them the most options: they can play him alongside Harris at the 2, they can trade Harris and have Knight running the point or they can let him play behind Harris for some time. It just makes the most sense to me.

His strengts are his quickness, his outside shot and clutch shooting. He has to work on his game in traffic and get to the line more often (4.5 FTA).

Current draftexpress slot: #3


4) Cavs: Kawhi Leonard

They won't pick another PG when they pick Irving at #1. And i think they will also pass on the two big men on the board. It might be a bit of a reach (you can call me nuts if you want), but i think they might give Leonard a chance at #4. He is not the most explosive guy in this draft, but he can defend multiple positions, is a great rebounder, is only 19 years old and seems like a good character guy.

Offensively he is very raw and has no three point shot, so that's what he has to put some work into.

Current draftexpress slot: # 9


5) Raptors: Big V

I still believe the Raptors have confidence in Jeryd Bayless as their future PG. And they have a huge hole at the center spot. The addition of a big man makes it easier for the team because Bargnani can play the game that suits his skills best (high post, perimeter) and DeRozan has more options when penetrating to the rim. They had no true quality center for years, and Big V could very well develop into one.

Big V is a high energy guy and very good at finishing inside the paint in various ways. He is an above average FT-shooter (91 %, not bad for a big man!). He still looks a bit skinny and may have problems boxing out bigger and stronger players. And he has to improve his defense.

Current draftexpress slot: #8


6) Wizards: Biyambo!

Yep, call me an idiot again, but i think Mack-Bo is the more intruiging prospect here. He has...cough...ridiculous upside! Seriously, he has all the physical tools to become a defensive force in the league, and the Wizards have enough time to develop him slowly. Kanter is another possibilty here, but as dumb as it might sound, they already have JaVale McGee. I know, i know, he has to grow up, but i think they're quite high on him, and i'm not so sure Kanter is a big upgrade over him (actually, Kanter is the player with the biggest bust potential this year, in my opinion).

Mack-Bo is very raw offensively and can't shoot, he mostly scores on the rebounds he catches. He looks like a great athlete, but he has to learn how to use his skills effectively.

Current draftexpress slot: # 14


7) Kings: Enes Kanter

If the draft comes down like stated above the Kings will have a lot of great options here: they can pick Kanter (fills a need), Walker (fills a need), Vesley (fills a need), Fredette (fills a need) - so what will they do? As intruiging as picking a PG is, they will go with the big guy here (btw, this is the lowest i think Kanter might fall). Kanter gives them the oportunity to play Cousins regularly at PF, plus he seems to be a good character guy. Walker would be the other player the Kings might pick if they believe they have a bigger need for a floor general.

Beside the fact that i think he will fail in the NBA, he has the physical tools to become a good low post scorer. His biggest weakness is his defense (as seen on some older clips JGivony posted on And it looks as if he doesn't really care at all. After all, I have a problem trusting a player who faced opponents who he could simply overpower his whole carreer, which he won't do in the NBA.

Current draftexpress slot: # 4


8) Pistons: Jan Vesley

Vesley or Walker? I really don't know, they could go either way. With Walker they could play Stuckey at the SG spot, which would make Ben Gordon or Rip Hamilton expendable. But Vesley is a versatile player who can defend multiple positions and fills a positional need for them. He is a quick, athletic player who has a great height advantage at the SF position. He has to improve his FT-shooting though (54 %).

Current draftexpress slot: # 6


9) Bobcats: Kemba Walker

"OMG, Kemba Walker at # 9???" Yep, sue me. He's undersized (like DJ Augustin), but he is a serious upgrade at the PG position. The Cats need some size too, but they should be able to get a big guy with their 19th pick. Walker is too much a steal at # 9 to pass on him. He might as well go to Raptors at # 5, but he won't fall any lower.

He is a true PG and floor general with no real weaknesses, besides his size, which will make it diffucult for him to defend bigger PGs.

Current draftexpress slot: #5


10) Bucks: Alec Burks

Picking a SG makes the most sense considering the current roster. He's not the best shooter in the draft, but he is a proven scorer, plus he is only 19 years old. He gives the Bucks' roster more balance and a solid guy who might even crack the starting five through the season. He saw his stock fall down the last few days, but i think his will be picked in the lottery.

He has to improve his three point shot, but he still does a little bit of everything. He might be able to provide a scoring punch coming off the bench and should be able to get to line quite often.

Current draftexpress slot: # 19


11) Warriors: Klay Thompson

He's a solid choice at #11. He has good height for a SG/SF and gives the Warriors another perimeter scorer who will help spread the floor. If they trade Ellis and play him at SG, he gives them much needed size in the backcourt. But he might most likely become a 6th or 7th player for them. He has to improve his defense though.

Current draftexpress slot: # 11


12) Jazz: Chris Singleton

Picking Jimmer at #12 would put too much pressure on coach Corbin, since he would have to figure out how to split minutes between Knight, Harris and Fredette. And if they part with Harris, i dunno if they want two rookie PG running the show. Picking Marcus Morris would make sense, but they already have Milsap and Favors, so it would be hard for him to get minutes. I have to agree with Jonathan Givony here, who says:

Singleton has been moving up draft boards lately thanks to some impressive workouts. He reportedly has huge fans in Utah’s front office. With Andrei Kirilenko entering free agency and unlikely to return, Singleton would fill a need immediately at small forward. He has the added benefit of being able to defend multiple positions, which will help Gordon Hayward get on the floor more easily.

He is one of the best defenders in the draft, and the Jazz could very well use his to guard scorers on the opposing team, especially with his height advantage. He has to work on his offensive game and develop better shooting mechanics to become a complete player.

Current draftexpress slot: # 12


13) Suns: Marcus Morris

They might also consider taking Jimmer, but they need an upgrade at the PF position, and Morris is a player who might take Warrick's starting spot within a few weeks. He would be a great fit in the Suns' offense, since he is a player who knows how to finish in the paint in various ways.

He is an above average shooter, but needs to improve his defensive rebounding. Besides his lack of real height for a PF, he is the purest PF in the draft.

Current draftexpress slot: # 10


14) Rockets: Big M (Donatas Motiejunas)

They need size, and Big M has size. He may not be a typical low post center (in fact, he seems better suited on the high post and perimeter), but he would certainly create mismatches against smaller opponents. Plus, he was considered a top 5 pick not so long ago, so the potential should be there.

Current draftexpress slot: # 18

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15) Pacers: Jimmer Fredette

16) 76ers: Markieff Morris

17) Knicks: Tristan Thompson

18) Wizards: Tobias Harris

19) Bobcats: Marshon Brooks

20) Timberwolves: Nikola Vucevic

21) Trailblazers: Iman Shumpert

22) Nuggets: Kenneth Faried

23) Rockets: Jordan Hamilton

24) Thunder: Kyle Singler

25) Celtics: Tyler Honeycutt

26) Mavericks: Justin Harper

27) Nets: Davis Bertans

28) Bulls: Darius Morris

29) Spurs: Jeremy Tyler

30) Bulls: Nikola Mirotic


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